Samsung Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit e, and Galaxy Buds Revealed in Leak

The firm accidentally leaked their own devices.

Samsung appears to have inadvertently leaked its upcoming wearables lineup. A Twitter post shared Friday shows new products inside the Galaxy Wearable Android app, demonstrating the company’s strategy of offering more for fitness fans. The leak also confirms the existence of the Galaxy Buds, expected to rival Apple’s AirPods.

The leak from “SamCentralTech” details Samsung’s plans, expected for a full unveil later this month. It shows the Galaxy Watch Active, available in two colors with a 40mm case, which shows the company dropping the twistable bezel in favor of something sleeker. It also shows the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e, two Fitbit-like devices with a rubber strap that show a simplified user interface with access to vital data like step counts. The leak also all but confirms the Galaxy Buds, leaked earlier this month that’s expected to cost around $169 for a pair of earpieces that slot into a slimline carrying case.

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Samsung last refreshed its Galaxy Watch in August 2018, touting a more watch-like design than the Apple Watch that currently dominates the space. The new watch was rather to five atmospheres of underwater pressure, preparing it for a more rugged lifestyle. That also meant a larger package, with Samsung offering designs in both 42mm and 46mm. A smaller Active watch could appeal to those with smaller wrists.

The products are expected to launch as part of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 push, the next lineup of smartphones expected to cover four new devices. The S10 Lite will offer a 5.8-inch screen at $900, skimping on features like a behind-the-screen fingerprint scanner, while the S10 will sit at the more premium end with a 6.1-inch OLED screen and a price of around $1,000. The S10 Plus will fill out the range with a 6.4-inch screen and four rear cameras, starting at around $1,100. The top premium model could come in the form of the S10 X, a 5G-enabled 6.7-inch monster device with unclear pricing.

Samsung is set to unveil its lineup on February 20, holding events in both San Francisco and London on the same day.

The event could still hold a couple of surprises. The mysterious foldable phone demonstrated at a November 2018 conference could make a surprise appearance. It may not come cheap, though — reports suggest a price from anywhere from $1,900 to a staggering $2,5000, making this perhaps the most high-end device on Samsung’s launch list.