'Happy Death Day 2U' Spoilers: This Easter Egg Gives Away the Big Twist

Once you see this you won't be able to unsee it.

Jessica Rothe dies over 20 times in Happy Death Day 2U, and in those 20 lives she manages to wear 17 different outfits. For costume designer Whitney Anne Adams, the sequel to Happy Death Day was an opportunity to expand the movie’s world by expanding the main character’s wardrobe, and in doing so, Adams also snuck in a subtle clue that teases Happy Death Day 2U’s big twist before it’s officially revealed onscreen.

“There’s little slight changes in there,” Adams tells Inverse. “A lot of Easter eggs.”

Warning: Light spoilers for Happy Death Day 2U ahead.

The Easter egg in question is the Dumpstaphunk concert shirt that Rothe’s character, Tree, wakes up in at the start of 2017’s Happy Death Day (and in many subsequent scenes because time loop). In that movie, we saw the same shirt a lot. So when it reappears in Happy Death Day 2U it resonates immediately, confirming that despite her best efforts, Tree is back on the original day of her death.

The catch, as we soon learn in the new movie, is that Tree’s actually in an alternate dimension where her mom is still alive. But before that bombshell is revealed, Happy Death Day 2U tips readers off using the same shirt from the original movie, with some subtle changes.

“Tree’s Dumpstaphunk t-shirt is actually different in the alternate dimension,” Adams says. “The wording is different. It’s a different venue. It’s a different band that Dumpstaphunk is playing with. So it’s the same color scheme and design, but the venue and dates are all different. We wanted to play around with alternate dimensions.”

A quick check confirms that Adams is telling the truth. The shirts really are different. For example, in the original movie the venue listed at the bottom of the design includes the word “Nightclub,” but in Happy Death Day 2U that’s been replaced with “New Orleans.”

Here’s what that shirt looks like in Happy Death Day:

'Happy Death Day' (2017)

Blumhouse Productions

And here’s the same shirt in Happy Death Day 2U, just in an alternate dimension:

'Happy Death Day 2U' (2019)

Blumhouse Productions

The new movie is also full of even more subtle hints at how this alternate reality is different. Tree even dresses differently because her mother is alive in this universe.

“Jess in real life is super close to her mom and her mom has a lot of influence on her,” Adams says. “So with Tree’s mom still being alive, she has much more of an influence on Tree. So her clothing and her closet are very different in the original universe. A little bit more sophisticated, a little bit more put together.”

The rest of the cast also got slight costume tweaks to give the entire world a subtle redesign, but Adams was careful not to overdo it.

“A lot of people wear the same costume but it’s styled slightly differently,” she says. “Especially in the beginning when you’re in an alternate dimension but you don’t know that you are, we want to make it feel like the same universe but have some clues that it’s different.”

Happy Death Day 2U is in theaters now.

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