'Happy Death Day 2U' Post-Credits Scene Sets Up 'Happy Death Day 3'

You'll definitely want to stick around after the ending.

Happy Death Day 2U hits theaters today, which means moviegoers may be wondering whether the latest horror movie from Blumhouse Productions features a post-credits scene. The short answer is yes, and you’ll want to stick around to see it if you’re a fan of the series.

Read on for a breakdown of what happens, and some possible Happy Death Day 3 spoilers from the costume designer of HDD2U.

Spoilers for Happy Death Day 2U ahead.

What Happens in the Happy Death Day 2U Post-Credits Scene

At the end of Happy Death Day 2U, Tree and her friends manage to break the time loop, stop the murderer (again), and travel back to the right dimension (yeah, this movie is wild). However, just when you thought it over over, a bunch of government officials show up and bring the crew in for questioning.

It turns out that the gang isn’t in trouble. Instead, DARPA just wants help using the experimental machine that caused the time loop in the first place, which they’ve already confiscated. The government views the device as a powerful weapon, and Tree asks who on earth could possibly deserve that kind of torture.

Cut to Tree’s sorority sister and frenemy Danielle screaming as she wakes up in bed. The end.

Aside from the fact that this seems like an overly harsh punishment for Danielle, who might be mean but isn’t a murderer, the HDD2U post-credits scene does raise some interesting questions about a third movie. Will the time loop be weaponized? Who will it be used against? Will the next movie be some sort of spy thriller?

We don’t know, but thanks to a conversation with Happy Death Day 2U’s costume designer, Whitney Anne Adams, along with some statements from writer-director Christopher Landon and producer Jason Blum, we already have at least some idea of what to expect.

What does this mean for Happy Death Day 3

According to Adams, who designed the costumes for HDD2U, there’s already been some discussion about another sequel, which could expand the world in some interesting new directions.

“The little bit that I know is that the world is much bigger and much more expanded and we get to see a lot more,” Adams tells Inverse. “This movie is so much bigger than the first movie, and I think the third one would be a much bigger expansion.”

She adds that beyond expanding the world, a third movie would mean learning even more about the Death Day characters we already know.

“The more we see of everyone the more in depth these characters go,” Adams says.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Landon offered a taste of his vision for a third movie.

“I do have the idea for the third one,” he said. “And I really hope that people go see this one so that I can make it. Because it’s bonkers. … This one’s more bonkers. But it fits!”

Producer Jason Blum has also said that he’s interested in making Happy Death Day 3, assuming this one does well at the box office. In an interview with CinemaBlend, he hinted that the third movie could veer in a drastically different direction than the previous two.

“Maybe we’ll get a third genre in the third movie.” he said. “That really hasn’t happened before.”

Wait, what is DARPA?

If you’re here because you’re wondering what DARPA actually is here’s a quick explanation. This real-life government organization (officially titled The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) focuses on developing new technology for the U.S. military.

The organization was founded in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to compete with the U.S.S.R.. It’s responsible for the creation of GPS, ARPANET (the original version of today’s internet), stealth aircrafts, and a bunch of even scarier military tech.

So it makes sense that DARPA would be interested in a machine that can trap people in a Groundhog Day-style time loop. Let’s just hope the real-life organization hasn’t already invented something similar.

Happy Death Day 2U is in theaters now.

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