WWDC 2019: The Likely Date of the iOS 13 Rollout Leaked by a Host Venue

When to expect new Apple software.

Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference brings together thousands of software designers, employees, and press from all corners of the globe. This year the Cupertino-based company is expected to debut iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. And thanks to a recent leak, we already know exactly when and where it’s all going to go down.

Tuesday, MacRumors unearthed the internal events calendar for the City of San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affairs, which naturally revealed Apple’s plans for WWDC 2019. According to the leaked document the event will kickoff during the week of June 3 and take place McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

The document listed a particular event that is scheduled for the evening of June 6 at the Discovery Meadow park. This is likely the musical performance that Apple has lined up for WWDC, much like it did last year for its WWDC Bash at Discovery Meadow. During WWDC 2018, Panic! at the Disco performed on the third day of the conference, which suggests WWDC 2019 will begin on June 3.

The scheduled event leaked by MacRumors. 


In a further clue that the revealed plans were legitimate, the document leaked by the city has since been wiped of all mention of WWDC or Apple. That said, there’s still an event listed as “GRP&G Discovery Meadow” hosted by “Team San Jose.”

The event lists that that 7,000 attendees are expected, which is on par with the roughly 6,000 people that Apple CEO Tim Cook said attended WWDC 2018. Tickets for the event will almost certainly be hard to come by.

Apple will distribute tickets using a lottery system, which they began doing in 2014 after tickets the year prior sold out in two minutes. In order to qualify for the raffle interested attendees need to be registered with the Apple Developer Program before the company officially announces the event sometime in the spring. Plus, even if you win a chance to claim a, ticket you’ll still need to pay an exorbitant amount to attend.

The amended event after MacRumors leaked the original.

City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

Last year, lottery winners had to fork over $1,599, which is quite literally the cost of a brand new 12-inch MacBook. The steep prices resulted in a few unclaimed tickets, which reportedly gave developers who didn’t get lucky with the lottery a second chance at swiping up any leftover invitations.

Those lucky (and loaded) enough to attend will get an early glimpse of iOS 13 and Apple’s other projects for 2019. WWDC serves as a teaser for the software that will power most, if not all, Apple’s hardware releases throughout the year.

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