'Dragon Prince' Season 2 Release Time on Netflix: Here's When You Can Watch

The Dragon Prince Season 2 is just a week away, but if the thought of waiting seven more days to find out what happens next to Callum, Ezran, and Rayla makes you anxious, maybe it will help to know exactly how many hours you’ll need to wait. On that note, here’s the exact release time for Dragon Prince Season 2 on Netflix, along with some other info to help you pass the time.

What’s the Dragon Prince Season 2 release time on Netflix?

Well, Netflix drops new shows and movies at 3 a.m. Eastern (12 a.m. Pacific) on the day of their release. So that means The Dragon Prince Season 2 will start streaming very early on Friday, February 15.

These episodes are short, so if you’re on the East coast you could still stay up late and watch one or two if you’re really determined, while fans on the West coast can easily check out The Dragon Prince Season 2 on release night.

'Dragon Prince' Season 2 promo art


What happened at the end of Dragon Prince Season 1?

In case you need a quick refresher but don’t have time to rewatch the series, here’s how Season 1 ended for the human princes Callum and Ezran, their elf friend Rayla, the antagonists Claudia and Soren hot on their tails, and of course, the titular Dragon Prince himself.

After dropping the dragon egg into an icy lake and almost killing it, our heroes managed to revive the egg and make it hatch. Out pops Zym, an adorable baby dragon. Meanwhile, Claudia and Soren use a magic spell to locate Callum and Ezran and set out to find them.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 will seemingly pick up where Season 1 left off, revealing what happens when the two groups collide, and what Claudia and Soren will do when they learn that the egg they were supposed to reclaim has already hatched.

What’s the synopsis for The Dragon Prince Season 2?

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect from Season 2, via Netflix:

This season, expect new characters, new adventures and new challenges for our young heroes as they race to stop a centuries-old conflict that even kings and queens have failed to resolve.
The nine-episode second season follows Rayla, Callum and Ezran as they continue their adventure to Xadia. But the journey won’t be easy: every step of the way, they’ll be challenged by new foes and old friends alike. They’ll struggle with trust and betrayal, face down vicious dragons, and be tempted by the lure of dark magic, all while protecting the newly-hatched Dragon Prince, Zym.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 hits Netflix on February 15.

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