Justin Bieber's New Album Has a Release Date

Biebzus walks.

This fall, the album of the year will arriving on November 13 in the form of the as-yet-untitled Justin Bieber record.

Before you’re all like, “Bah! Bieber?!” hear me out. The dude has been on an interesting path musically, starting from the underrated blown-out pop of Believe and moving into Journals, an intriguing collection of R&B-heavy sketches from the former baby pop star. Last year, he teased a number of promising snippets on IG, such as:

Not to mention possible DJ Mustard collaborations:

Now that Bieber has a hit on the charts that’s infused with the sound of now — big budget EDM — I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll chase trendy sounds on the new album and its new single, “What Do U Mean.” He’s rockin’ with the U! I love it.

The new album is out November 13. Praise Biebzus.