'Kingdom Hearts 3' Hidden Mickeys: How the Lucky Emblem Hunt Works

The 'KH3' task for completionists.

For any completionist gamers out there, the Kingdom Hearts III task that they’ll spend the most on is undoubtedly the hunt for Lucky Emblems. Here’s what you need to know about Hidden Mickeys in Kingdom Hearts III.

Scattered throughout the many worlds of Kingdom Hearts III are Mickey Mouse-shaped indentations in walls or even perspective-based arrangements of barrels or rocks. Players can spot some in Olympus, but it isn’t until after Sora gets a Gummiphone and visiting Twilight Town with Donald and Goofy that we learn about the existence of these Lucky Emblems.

Donald and Goofy say taking a picture of them with Sora’s Gummiphone is good luck, hence the name. For the rest of us, these Hidden Mickeys (the colloquial term the internet has latched onto) represent Kingdom Hearts III’s ongoing commitment to completionism.

Most worlds have between 9 and 12 Lucky Emblems with two exceptions: 100 Acre Wood only has three and The Caribbean has a whopping 13. All of them add up to a total of 90.

Sora loves his new cell phone.

Square Enix

Whenever a player looks in the general direction of a Lucky Emblem, even if it’s not in photo mode, one member of the core trio (Sora, Donald, or Goofy) will make a very obvious comment. Pressing the Touch Pad on your PlayStation controller will then open the camera mode. Even at a distance, the Lucky Emblem will be highlighting by a photo reticle. If it’s red, the player needs to adjust. If it’s yellow, then they’re good to snap the photo. Generally speaking, they’re not hard to find if you’re thoroughly exploring their environments and paying attention.

The main reward for shooting all 90 is unlocking the secret movie at the very end of the game. Anyone playing on Beginner mode has to capture all 90, anyone playing on Normal has to capture a “medium” amount, and anyone on Proud only needs one.

However, shooting Lucky Emblems also give the player a series of rewards that are totally worth it:

  • 1 — AP Boost
  • 3 — Mega-Potion
  • 5 — Expert’s Ring
  • 10 — Thundara Trinket
  • 15 — Moon Amulet
  • 20 — Magic Boost
  • 25 — Star Charm
  • 30 — Ribbon
  • 35 — Buster Band +
  • 40 — Power Boost

This is not a real Sora selfie, but wouldn't it be hilarious if it was?

Square Enix

For most players on Normal mode, they only need to find about 45 or so, which is more than enough to claim all of the item rewards as well. That should be totally doable just playing the game normally and being thorough in exploring each environment.

Then again, in 2019, it’s so much easier to find these secret videos online, so it’s less necessary than ever before to actually follow through on finding every single Lucky Emblem. But for anyone that does want to find every single one, check out’s exhaustive collection of maps for every world.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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