iPhone 2019: Apple Set to Use Samsung Galaxy-Like Design and Bigger Battery

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

Apple’s next smartphone is set to take inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy. A leaked rendering of this year’s iPhone shared Tuesday shows the company tweaking the device rear to move the camera to the top center. The leak, which also describes a larger battery, reduced bezels, more color options, and a switch to USB-C, bears a striking resemblance to the centrally-placed camera on the Galaxy S9 and previous devices.

The CompareRaja report claims that Apple is expected to release an iPhone based on this clean prototype design, throwing into question whether the bizarre trypophobia-inducing design that leaked earlier this month will ever see the light of day. The prototype measures 5.65 inches by 2.79 inches and 0.3 inches deep and water resistant to IP68 rating, all of which match the exact specs of the iPhone XS. However, the screen-to-body ratio is expected to improve with a smaller “notch” and thinner bezels when compared to its 5.8-inch-screened predecessor.

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The report also states that Apple will boost the size of the battery to 4,000 mAh. That would prove a major boost from the 2,658 mAh pack found in the iPhone XS, which just about reaches over the 4,000 mark with the 1,369 mAh Smart Battery Case attached. A pack of this size on a phone is not unheard-of, with devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and Moto E5 all packing similar size storage. However, much like Tesla with the Model 3 electric car, Apple has tended to avoid chasing pack ratings to instead focus on real-world usage boosts.

Users may have to ditch their charger to power up this new battery, with the company still expected to drop Lightning in favor of USB-C. Apple made a similar move with the iPad Pro that launched in November, enabling users to plug into an array of peripherals like external 4K displays and mass storage devices. On the wireless side, however, Apple is expected to stick with 4G LTE connectivity as it sits out the 5G rollout.

Apple tends to announce its next iPhones in September, so it may not be long before consumers find out more about its upcoming move.

If the iPhone does follow in the wake of the Galaxy, we could see another round of ads similar to the ones Samsung produced around the iPhone X launch.

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