'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Spoilers: S2 Prophecy May Doom Sansa or Daenerys

There’s been no shortage of supernatural prophecies in Game of Thrones and plenty of them are expected to come to fruition in Season 8 (especially if you happen to be Cersei Lannister). However, one specific prophecy from Season 2 that we may have overlooked is taking on new meaning as we head into GoT’s final episodes, and it could have dire consequences for three of the most important remaining characters: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen.

The prophecy in question comes from the Game of Thrones Season 2 finale. After Stannis Baratheon loses a big battle he blames Melisandre for promising he’d succeed. In response, she explains that the Lord of Light only gives her “glimpses” into the future before promising Stannis that he’ll succeed eventually, though he may face plenty of hurdles along the way:

“This war has just begun. It will last for years. Thousands will die at your command. You will betray the men serving you. You will betray your family, and you will betray everything you once held dear, and it will all be worth it because you are the son of fire. You are the warrior of blood. You will sweep aside this pretender and that one. You will be king.”

At the time, it seemed like Melisandre was talking about Stannis, and some of the things she said did come true. Stannis did lock up Davos and even killed her own daughter, but unless he can come back from the dead, Stannis definitely won’t be king anytime soon.

So was Melisandre wrong or was she simply talking about someone else? That’s what redditor u/irishpisano suggested in a recent post after revisiting the old episode, suggesting that even the Red Witch didn’t realize who her speech was actually meant for at the time. Fast forward to the start of Season 8, however, and the answer is clear: She’s talking about Jon Snow.

Jon Snow drinks a beer on HBO's 'Game of Thrones'


As u/irishpisano notes, the war with the Night King has already technically been going for years, and it could last for many more. Furthermore, Jon betrayed his men in the Night’s Watch and then betrayed his family by bending the knee to Daenerys — but it will be worth it if he’s able to beat the Night King. He’s also a Targaryen, which makes him a “son of fire.”

So what about the claim that he will “sweep aside this pretender and that one” and who could this be referring to? This fan has two suggestions: Sansa or Dany.

“Perhaps Dany will fall under this category (as Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne, not Dany, and not Gendry, and not Cersei),” they write. “Perhaps Sansa (“Winterfell is yours, your Grace.” (Jon was back in WF, thus WF was not Sansa’s to give at that point, but Jon’s.”

Either way, it could be bad news for the remaining fan-favorite characters and bad news for Jon as well since he’ll have to “sweep aside” either his sister or his new girlfriend/aunt. Then again, maybe if we’re lucky the pretender Melisandre was referring to will turn out to be the biggest phony in all of Westeros: Cersei.

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