'Future Man' Star Josh Hutcherson Told Us Who He Mains in 'Overwatch'

He's a real team player, that's for sure.

In the world of Future Man, Josh Futterman is perhaps the single greatest gamer in the world, which is why battle-hardened warriors from the future go back in time to recruit him in Season 1 as their savior. Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays Futterman, isn’t quite as good with a joystick.

“You know, I think I’m fairly good at video games,” Hutcherson said at New York Comic Con in October 2018 when Inverse asked about his real-life gaming skills. “I didn’t really know that I was and I started playing after the first season of Future Man. I haven’t played lately, so I’m a little rusty, but I’ve been gaming online quite a bit playing Overwatch.”

Hutcherson has been making up for lost time ever since, telling IGN that he’s become a total Overwatch addict,”. “I follow the league, I watch every match,” he said. “I’m very deep in the Overwatch world.”

But who does the great “Joosh,” the Savior of Future Man, main in Overwatch?

“I switch it up!” Hutcherson told us. “I’m a filler, so I fill whatever the team is needing in Comp. My mains are Orisa, Soldier, Pharah, and Zenyatta.”

Hutcherson's four mains — Orisa (tank), Soldier: 76 (DPS), Pharah (DPS), and Zenyatta (Support) — make for a well-balanced assortment.


The Overwatch community is less toxic than some other competitive games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hordes of inflexible players who stick to only one character or a broader role like Tank or Healer. Hutcherson, on the other hand, sounds like a breath of fresh air to play with. He’s a flex player in the truest sense of the word, capable of playing at least one character from each major archetype.

Orisa is a massive robot with a gatling gun and deployable shields. Soldier: 76 is a straightforward damage-dealer with an assault rifle, grenade launcher, and even a deployable healing field. Pharah launches into the sky with a jetpack and rockets, dealing damage from afar. And Zenyatta is a potent healer that can also debuff enemies, allowing for allies to do more damage to them.

All four of these characters are pretty popular, and they’re all very good.

“My little brother had always been a pretty big gamer, and he’s ranked super high with his SR in Overwatch,” Hutcherson told IGN. “But I love it. The community, they’re working on making it less toxic. It’s a great environment.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Future Man Season 2 is now available to stream, only on Hulu.

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