The Unfurling TVs at CES are Among the Smart Displays That Feel Like the Fu

Yep, there was even a  wooden screen.

You can always count on the CES to create a twinge if instant regret over the TV you bought on Black Friday. In particular, the trade show is known for featuring the display industry’s most cutting-edge designs alongside sometimes ridiculous products you didn’t even know required a touchscreen.

Out of the gate, CES 2019 laid the screen-FOMO on thick. Tech companies large and small debuted TVs that can be as big as the walls in your home, screens that can be rolled up like a scroll, and even a plank of wood that doubles as a smart display.

While show is still getting started — most of the big keynotes don’t kick off until Tuesday — new products by LG have already been unfurled, so to speak. Here’s the display tech out of CES day 1 that’s already got the industry buzzing.

CES 2019: LG Signature OLED TV R

LG’s 65-inch rollable screen is back, this time with a release date tease. The Korean company announced that the scroll-like plasma screen will be available for purchase during the second half of 2019.

The 4K OLED TV is stored inside an aluminum box, which can be unfurled with the click of a button to reveal a beastly entertainment system. There hasn’t been any word as to how much it’ll cost, but seeing as a not flexible LG TV retails for $3,000 expect this fruit-roll-up of a television to be more expensive.

CES 2019: Samsung’s Modular and Ultra-Thin Flatscreens

If you’ve ever had the urge to turn your living room into an art installation, look no further than Samsung’s latest drop. The tech monolith unveiled “The Wall” an imposing 146-inch MicroLED screen that can be broken up into multiple smaller screens for when you want to get creative.

Much like OLED screens, MicroLEDs create their own light, eliminating the need for a backlight. This is what allows The Wall to be incredibly thin. It’s also completely bezel-less, so users can take the corner off an arrangement and replace it for the middle piece of another set up without any trouble.

The Wall doesn’t have an expected release date or price as of yet. But it’s particularly easy to imagine The Wall finding a home in multi-use spaces like art galleries, museums, or even (loaded) households when it does become available.

CES 2019: Tesla Competitor Puts More Screen In Its Cars

If the signature touch screen interface inside of Tesla’s isn’t enough screen for your liking, you’re going to want to peep this Chinese-made electric car. The M-Byte SUV, created by Byton, made a splash during CES 2018 because of its 48-inch dashboard screen. Now, the startup is adding yet another display.

Another touchscreen is added to the electric car between the two front seats.


An 8-inch touchscreen will be placed between the two front seats to serve as a shotgun control panel. This would mean the vehicle now touts five screens: the dash screen, one on the steering wheel, and two backseat entertainment screens for passengers.

The M-Byte has an estimated range of 325 miles and poses itself as a Tesla competitor. But as it stands the vehicle is a merely a concept.

CES 2019: Even a Wood Screen

Finally, leave it to CES 2019 to turn wood into an interactive display. Mui is a Kickstarter-funded venture which wants to create a smart home display that looks like a 2x4.

Examples of Mui's functionality.


Japanese company Nissha, raised $110,000 for the product on Kickstarter and it’s planning on launching its Indiegogo InDemand campaign during CES. The block of wood is retrofitted with an LCD display to display its interface, and it can let users play music or summon Google Assistant functionality. Plus it makes for minimalistic house prop.

Backers of the project will be able to pick up a Mui for $549 when it launches on Indiegogo InDemand. Otherwise get ready to shell out $999 for a smart piece of wood.

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