Tesla Roadster 2020: Photo Edits Show Supercar in Dazzling Color Lineup

The Tesla Roadster is coming, and it looks set to stun. A new series of images posted this week show the vehicle photoshopped into an array of different color options, and it shows how Elon Musk’s hotly-anticipated supercar could turn heads in designs other than the previewed red and white.

Anticipation is high for the company’s successor to its first ever car, following the second-generation’s announcement at the Tesla Design Studio in November 2017. The car is set to enter production in 2020, and the previously-announced specs read like a wishlist for any electric supercar: a 200 kilowatt-hour pack to reach 620 miles per charge, 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, 0 to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and the option for a “SpaceX package” that applies rocket technology to a car. It doesn’t come cheap, though, with a base price of $200,000.

That hasn’t stopped Tesla fan communities from sharing images of the car and discussing its futuristic design. An image shared by Reddit user “LordZeekos” on Tuesday, which received over 6,800 upvotes, shows the car in an impressive blue:

It looks stunningly professional, especially considering the car wasn’t photographed in that color. It’s actually a photo of a red Roadster, taken back in February by Reddit user “Casey_S” when the car made an appearance at Tesla’s headquarters in California:

This led to a series of recolors by Reddit user “PhonicUK,” which kitted the car out in royal blue, toxic green, midnight silver, obsidian black, orange, pearl black, grape, signature red, and electric blue:

Another user reworked the car into “Pantone 448 C.” This color emerged during the Australian government’s hunt for the worst color to use on tobacco packaging. Research agency GfK chose the brownish hue after conducting seven studies into the most off-putting shade for over 1,000 smokers.

Unfortunately for user “NoooUGH,” it still turned out looking pretty incredible:

While it makes for a cool color selection, it’s unlikely many of these will make the cut. Tesla is expected to produce the Roadster in lower quantities than its mass market vehicles like the Model 3, but even that one lost two color choices in September as Musk ditched metallic silver and obsidian black to simplify production, leaving just solid black, midnight silver, deep blue, white and red in the running. Tesla has shown off two colors for the Roadster: red, and a Star Wars-looking white:

The dream of owning a supercar in the color of Australian tobacco packaging may have to remain just a dream.

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