'Fortnite' Place Devices on Creative Island: How to Complete Challenge 13

You're running out of time to complete these holiday challenges.

It’s the second-to-last challenge of “14 Days of Fortnite and developer Epic Games is using the occasion to promote the latest addition to the game: Creative. The new mod-friendly mode lets you build your own Fortnite island, and for the next few days placing 13 devices in Fortnite Creative will earn you a special prize.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete the 13th Fortnite holiday challenge, including a video (above) courtesy of YouTuber user and Fortnite expert Sparckman.

Today’s free challenge is a relatively easy one, but if you haven’t checked out Fortnite Creative yet you might not be familiar with how it works. All you need to do is enter Creative and head to any island (it really doesn’t matter). Then enter building mode and lay down 13 seperate floor units covering the ground in the area around you. Finally, open your Inventory, pick the “Devices” tab, select any device and hit “Equip”, and then place one device on each floor you built.

In return, you’ll get a pretty slick reward: a new wrap that customizes any weapons or vehicles you use. The Disco Wrap will make your guns and cars shine like a disco ball. It also appears to be the first wrap that’s totally free, meaning you don’t need to buy it in the Item Shop or use the Battle Pass to get it.

Tuesday is the final day of 14 Days of Fortnite and these challenges are expected to disappear soon after that. So if you’ve got any lingering holiday challenges you should knock them out as soon as possible.

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