Tesla: Elon Musk's Mystery 'Wind' App Gets Released With a Surprising Twist

Tesla’s latest in-car feature started reaching consumers on Monday, and it brings quite a powerful gust to its fleet of electric vehicles. Just one day after CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter that the company’s “💨” app almost done (yes, including the emoji), owners started reporting that a new fart noises section had appeared on their car’s central touchscreen.

The new “Emissions Testing Mode” is included in the easter egg section of the touchscreen’s software, which also houses a number of non-essential tweaks like a Mario Kart mode for Autopilot. With this new update, owners can choose to play a fart noise when the driver presses the left steering scroll wheel, or when the driver activates a turn signal.

It’s the latest in a line of tongue-in-cheek features that Musk regularly announces to his 23.7 million Twitter fans, as part of the firm’s more relaxed approach. In September, Tesla released three Atari games. Musk has also teased more involved games that use the steering wheel while in stationary mode to control a virtual car.

The feature offers a number of fart noises:

  • Short Shorts Ripper: A nod to short sellers that bet against Tesla’s stock price rising in a bid to make a profit. In April, Tesla ranked as the most-shorted American stock, a title it lost to Amazon in August. Musk suggested in August Tesla planned to start selling short shorts in its merchandise store.
  • Falcon Heavy: A joke about the world’s most powerful operational rocket, developed by SpaceX that launched its maiden voyage back in February, with Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster as the payload.
  • Ludicrous Fart: A reference to the “Ludicrous Mode” included with select Tesla vehicles, which in turn is a reference to ‘80s comedy Spaceballs. Tesla is set to expand on the joke with the 2020 Roadster, which will include a “Plaid” mode as a reference to the next level of performance outlined in the film.
  • Neurastink: A play on Neuralink, the firm seeking to connect human brains with machines as part of a long-term goal to foster a symbiotic relationship with artificial intelligence.
  • Boring Fart: A reference to Musk’s tunnel-digging venture The Boring Company, scheduled to hold its grand opening at the SpaceX campus this week.
  • Not a Fart: Likely a pun on “not-a-flamethrower,” The Boring Company’s $500 branded fire shooter. The name, Musk claims, is to avoid falling foul of regulations around flamethrowers.

The car also comes with an “I’m so random” button to enable fans to cycle through without choosing.

It’s not the only new “Easter egg” included with the new software. One Reddit user shared a video of a new virtual fireplace in action, just in time for the Christmas holidays:

As the holidays approach, Tesla’s next year is expected to bring big new advancements like the Semi electric truck and advancements to Autopilot.

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