Elon Musk’s Tesla Easter Eggs: 5 Best Proposals for In-Car Games


When Elon Musk asked his 21.8 million Twitter followers what kind games can be added to the Tesla Model S, X, and 3 touchscreens as an Easter Egg, his followers had plenty of suggestions for him from old school titles to current games.

Musk tweeted a question to his followers Tuesday regarding what games they’d like to see added to the Tesla line of cars. “ What do you think would be the most fun in a car using the center touch screen,” he asked.

His followers responded with plenty of games and other forms of entertainment for the electric car. Here are some of the best requests the Tesla CEO received.

5. Deus Ex

Musk replied that he loves Deus Ex, but his love for the futuristic first-person RPG will not make the game easier to play on-screen buttons. The original game took a whole keyboard and mouse to player properly when it was first released so using a touchscreen will not be much fun.

4. Fortnite

If there’s one game that would keep people in their car long after their car trip is over, it’s Fortnite. Good luck trying to win any matches by using just the touchscreen.

3. Karaoke

It may not be a game, but most people sing in their cars anyways so karaoke makes sense. Watch the words come up and start belting out your favorite songs.

2. Crazy Taxi

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” The only thing that would make the addition of the Sega Dreamcast driving game to a Tesla even more perfect is if the car owner is also a Lyft or Uber driver.

1. Pole Position

Keep it simple. Add a racing game from back in the Atari days that only needs a couple of touchscreen buttons. That’s all anyone needs.

Whatever Musk chooses for the Tesla cars will be a hit with owners like the previous Easter eggs.

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