Deadpool: Hilarious Gin Ad Proves Ryan Reynolds Is Always in Character

This one's a must-watch for any Deadpool fan.

The line between reality and fiction has never been more blurred than in the latest video advertisement for Aviation Gin, the spirits company owned by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds since February. Reynolds wears his own handsome mug rather Deadpool’s pizza face for the ad, but the tone of the whole thing reminds us so much of the Merc With a Mouth.

Maybe this was always Reynold’s comedic style? Or maybe Deadpool directed this ad? We really can’t tell, but the timing is perfect with Once Upon a Deadpool — the PG-13 holiday cut of Deadpool 2 — just out in theaters.

Reynolds himself shared the ad over social media on Thursday. Titled “The Process | Aviation Gin,” the visual storytelling structure riffs on stereotypical highbrow ads for comparable spirits, telling the step-by-step holistic process through which the gin is made.

Except everything is a blatant lie meant to poke fun at all of Aviation Gin’s competitors, and in a see of virtually identical ads, this one’s absolutely brilliant.

So how does Aviation make its gin?

Supposedly, the distillers at Aviation meditate for four hours every morning starting at 4 a.m., then they ride scooters down to the grove to mist the citrus fruits with Ryan Reynolds’ tears.

All of their botanicals are “humanely caught, cage-free, and grain-fed.” Each juniper berry gets an individual apology before, as Reynolds puts it, “We beat the living hell out of them.” Once it’s made, every bottle of gin is ordained by the Unitarian Church of Fresno California and then serenaded by Sarah McLachlan.

“Some might call this overkill, but the next time you visit your local mixologist and you murder that silky smooth Aviation Martini,” Reynolds says, in a line that sounds like it’s coming from Deadpool. “Well, who’s the killer now asshole?”

We’ve always wondered how they made Aviation Gin taste so good, so now we know.

Reynolds truly embracing the crass brand of pesky humor that skyrocketed him into mega-stardom with Deadpool is a smart move, especially because he probably bought Aviation with all of that sweet, sweet Deadpool money.

Now we’re just waiting on the recipe for a Deadpool-themed Aviation Gin cocktail. Hopefully Reynolds will release another video with Deadpool as the bartender showing how to make it.

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