'Neo Yokio' Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and Everything to Know

Will a Christmas miracle revive 'Neo Yokio'?

Netflix’s brilliant animated satire series, Neo Yokio, explores the nature of materialism and the wealthy elite with a tongue-in-cheek charm that’s undeniable. The series, from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, follows a pink-haired “magistocrat” Kaz Kaan (Jaden Smith), a rich young man living in a drowned New York City rebranded as “Neo Yokio, the greatest city in the world!” There are robot butlers, demons to be hunted, and lots of fancy clothes to buy as Kaz competes with the rest of the 1 percent to become Neo Yokio’s most eligible bachelor.

The first six episodes landed on Netflix in September 2017, and we hadn’t seen or heard any more from Ezra Koenig’s series until the Pink Christmas holiday special was announced for release in December. Now that it’s aired, things have gone quiet yet again.

Pink Christmas offered a poignant story about commercialism set during the most commercialized time of year, and even though it mildly sated our hunger for more Neo Yokio, it still leaves us dreaming of a full Season 2.

Has Netflix lost the plot? Or will we one day see more adventures with our favorite magistocrat in the greatest city in the world? We’ve scoured the internet for info and we’ll be sure to keep updating this post as more news comes out.

We don't like the answer to this question either.


Is Neo Yokio Getting a Season 2?

Netflix has not announced a second season for Neo Yokio, and given the mixed critical response, it seems unlikely that will happen.

The Pink Christmas holiday special released in December 2018, however, does give us hope. Within Netflix’s streaming platform, Pink Christmas is labeled as “Season 2, Episode 1.” Is that just the simplest way to categorize the hour-long bonus episode? Or is it a clue that there’s more to come? At the very least, “Season 2, Episode 1” implies that there’s an Episode 2 coming eventually.

In a February 2018 episode of Koenig’s podcast Time Crisis, he clearly said, “Neo’s not dead.” He could’ve been referring to Pink Christmas, but it might also mean that there’s even more in the works. As of right now, we really don’t know.

Is There a Trailer for Neo Yokio Season 2?

If we can consider Pink Christmas Season 2, then there sure is a trailer. Kaz has a cold on Christmas Eve so he has his robot butler Charles tell him a story. Because he’s just so incredibly vain, Kaz demands the story be about him. So Charles spins a tale about demon-hunting at Christmastime and competing with the rest of the bachelor leader board members in a competitive Secret Santa competition.

Don't make Kaz sad!


When Is the Neo Yokio Season 2 Release Date?

If it happens — and that’s a big if right now — Season 2 would probably debut sometime in late 2019. Season 1 was released in September 2017, so it’s reasonable to assume a September 2019 release date if it releases at all.

Kaz with his Aunt Angelique in 'Pink Christmas'.


What Could the Plot of Neo Yokio Season 2 Be?

For the most part, Pink Christmas doesn’t offer any clues as to what might happen next in the series. Most of the action takes place within a story that Charles tells to Kaz on Christmas Eve, but it definitely takes place after the events of Season 1. We know as much because the Charles’ mecha-butler suit is the newer one that Sadie (Charles’ pilot) gets at the end of Season 1 after Helena takes the original.

We can safely bet that Season 2 would continue the legacy of Caprese Martinis, an ongoing joke that’s featured heavily in Pink Christmas as well. But it would probably also further the rivalry between Kaz and Arcangelo, introduce more demons for Kaz to face, and hopefully bring Helena Saint Tessero back to the city to reconcile with Kaz.

Neo Yokio Season 1 and Pink Christmas are now available to stream on Netflix.*

Relive the glory that is the original Neo Yokio trailer.

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