'Neo Yokio' Pink Christmas Trailer Features a Hilarious Season 1 Easter Egg

The show's best joke goes one step further.

Lexy and Gottlieb from Neo Yokio have done the unthinkable and put their excellent Caprese Martini into can form, and it’s perhaps the best Easter egg fans of the show might notice in the trailer for Neo Yokio’s holiday special, “Pink Christmas.”

Netflix released a full trailer for “Pink Christmas” Friday, and it’s the first real look at what sort of trouble Kaz Kaan gets into around Christmastime. The vain and wealthy pink-haired Magistocrat hasn’t changed much since Season 1. He still enjoys long, melancholic baths, taking advantage of his robo-butler Charles, and shopping when he should be working. So it’s the same old Kaz we know and love.

His Aunt Angelique is in town for the holidays, and dearest Aunt Agatha still has to harass Kaz to get anything productive done, including fighting Christmas-themed demons for triple their usual rates.

Perhaps the best piece of humor in the whole trailer, however, is the next step in the evolution of the Caprese Martini.

Cheers! The Caprese Martini now comes in a can.


“It’s tomato, basil, and mozzarella — but now, it’ll get you lit!” Lexy first said to Kaz when he unveiled the Caprese Martini in Neo Yokio Season 1, Episode 3. The ridiculous cocktail cuts to the core of the capitalistic vanity inherent in the upper class of Neo Yokio, and it contributes to the ostentatious portrayal of commercialism the show presents as comedic satire.

This drink shouldn’t exist, especially because it’s basically what would happen if a caprese salad tried to pass itself off as a non-spicy Bloody Mary in martini form. Yet everybody loves the concoction in the world of Neo Yokio, so much so that throughout the back-half of Neo Yokio Season 1, Lexy and Gottlieb use Kaz as the poster boy for their marketing campaign and effortlessly open up a successful little bar branded exclusively around the drink.

The Caprese bar is so tiny it can only fit a couple guests.


One of Season 1’s final episodes took the ridiculousness even further when Lexy and Gottlieb close down the bar during peak business hours just so they could go out drinking at other bars. If that isn’t the most ridiculous example of opulence breeding apathy, I don’t know what is.

By Christmastime, Lexy and Gottlieb have apparently decided that the next step in the evolution of the Caprese Martini is to can it for commercial consumption. It’s an impossible next step for a tomato-based cocktail that shouldn’t even exist to begin with.

This is why Neo Yokio is the best animated satire of commercialism to ever be created, and we can’t wait to see what the show does with the materialism of Christmastime.

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas hits Netflix on Friday, December 7.

Check out the original teaser for “Pink Christmas” right here.

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