F Is for Family returned to Netflix for a third season on Friday, November 30, but with just 10 short episodes there’s a good chance you’re already itching for a Season 4 release date. We’ve scoured the internet for every bit of information we could find on F is For Family Season 4, and we’ll update this page as more information comes out. Here’s what you need to know.

Is F Is for Family Renewed for Season 4?

Not yet, but it could happen pretty soon. If history is any guide, Netflix will renew F Is for Family in a little under a month — assuming it gets renewed at all.

Season 2 premiered on May 30, 2017, and Netflix confirmed a third season on June 28. So hopefully we’ll know whether the series is returning for Season 4 by the end of December.

When Is the F Is for Family Season 4 Release Date?

It’s still not confirmed, but each new season seems to take about a year-and-a-half to produce. Season 1 debuted in December 2015, followed by Season 2 in May 2017 and Season 3 in November 2018. So Season 4 will probably hit Netflix in the spring or summer of 2020.

Is There a Trailer for F Is for Family Season 4?

Not yet, but we can probably guess when it will arrive. The first Season 3 teaser trailer hit on October 3, followed by a full-length trailer on November 14.

So, assuming that Season 4 will debut in mid-2020, we’ll probably get the first trailer about two months ahead of that in early 2020, with a second trailer a couple of weeks before the official release date.

What’s the Plot of F Is for Family Season 4?

Season 3 ended on one of the show’s biggest cliffhangers ever: Frank Murphy’s father shows up for an unexpected visit. We don’t know about the character, but we do know that Frank (Bill Burr) hates him. So Season 4 will almost definitely pick up with that plot line, and we’ll probably learn a lot more about Frank’s upbringing as a result.

It’s also unclear if Chet (a new character from Season 3 voiced by Vince Vaughn) will appear in Season 4. His story was pretty much wrapped up at the end of Season 3, but that doesn’t mean he won’t show up again.

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