'Fortnite' Week 10 Secret Star Loading Screen Has a Bizarre New Clue Format

The same underwhelming prize for just a little bit of extra work.

Don’t let the bizarre, new format of the Fortnite: Battle Royale Week 10 loading screen fool you. This is the same old Fortnite and just because the clue looks different than usual, doesn’t mean it’s anything special. Here’s how to solve the mysterious Season 6, Week 10 Hunting Party Challenge.

Week 10 only kicked off Thursday morning, and already some players are wrapping up all of this the week’s challenges and unlocking the secret Hunting Party loading screen. This week, things take a weird sidetrack towards fun after [Week 8] and Week 9 showed a robot called A.I.M. hunting some human characters.

In the new loading screen, almost every Season 6 characters shows up for a huge rave hosted by the llama robot DJ Yonder. But the really strange thing about this final Season 6 Hunting Party loading screen is the format. Rather than the faint silhouette of a secret Battle Star or the outline of a Hidden Banner, there are instead four map coordinates listed.

What do the coordinates G8, H8, G9, and H9 mean?

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So the Week 10 Hunting Party Challenge offers something weirder than usual the four coordinates: G8, H8, G9, and H9. Unfortunately, the clue leads to the same generic prize that is a hidden banner. This is an even-numbered week after all.

If you look at a version of the map that includes the grid, these four coordinates form a box around an area in southern Paradise Palms. The prize happens to be precisely in the center where the four squares meet, just north of the oasis in Paradise Palms.

This strange new clue means the same thing as before.

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After the last few weeks featured the robot called A.I.M., it’s interesting that the focus here at the end of Season 6 is on DJ Yonder, yet another robot. Could that mean Season 7 will feature even more robots? Maybe.

Fortnitemares is starting to feel like a lengthy sidetrack. DJ Yonder was one of the outfits featured in the original Season 6 teasers, and this very dance rave played a huge part in the Season 6 launch trailer. Here we are with no real idea of what to expect in Season 7 other than some rumors of some kind of winter event.

Players need to hurry if they want to complete this challenge. Season 6 officially ends sometime in the middle of next week, on or around December 5, with Fortnite Season 7 to come only a few days later.

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