Change Your Life for the Better With These Science-Backed Meditation Apps

It's like having access to a mediation coach anytime, anywhere.

Various studies have shown that regular meditation can lead to tangible benefits such as improved physical and mental health, a decrease in stress and anxiety, and higher productivity. Some studies even suggest that long-term meditation may lead to an increase in brain size as well as higher levels of intelligence. So it’s not exactly a surprise that meditation has been growing in popularity.

However, another reason for meditation’s recent rise in popularity is that new technologies have dramatically lowered the bar of entry. In the past, anyone looking to learn about meditation (beyond simply reading about it) had to join a class or find a personal teacher. Now, individuals who are interested in meditation can begin their journey on their own and in the privacy of their own home by using innovative interactive meditation apps. So if you’re interested in meditation, but don’t know where to start, check out the list of meditation apps we’ve compiled below.

Breethe Meditation & Sleep App

Using the Breethe Meditation & Sleep App is like having your own personal mediation coach available anytime, anywhere. It provides users with hundreds of guided meditations to deal with various issues including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Breethe’s guided audio tracks also offer support and advice for users who are dealing with relationship issues, trying to losing weight, and other common problems. The app also offers numerous breathing exercises and hours of relaxing music to help you decompress and reduce stress.

Aura Premium

The Aura Health App was created by meditation experts and therapists in order to help users relieve stress and anxiety. The app is powered by innovative AI that uses machine learning to completely customize your meditation experience based on your specific needs, and provide short, daily science-backed mindfulness exercises that increase your metal well being. The Aura Health App also allows users to track their moods in order to establish patterns and visually chart their meditation progress.

iAwake Pro

Technically, iAwake Pro isn’t an app. It’s a streaming service for cutting-edge soundtracks that can be used to “hack your brain and tap into states of mindfulness, effortless focus, creativity, and more.” All of iAwake Pro’s sound tracks are carefully engineered to train and focus the user’s brain and nervous system through the use of binaural beats, isochronic, monaural beats, panning, harmonic layering, and much more. These sounds are used to foster states of mindfulness, focus, creativity, and relaxation, while at the same time tuning out distractions.

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