'Legacies' Landon Powers: Spoilers and Theories for the Supernatural Being

One of the biggest mysteries on Legacies is Landon Kirby’s identity. We know he’s something supernatural. He may be linked to the mysterious knife all the supernatural creatures that were thought to be fictional want. We know we can’t necessarily trust what he says. But what is he exactly? And does he have any powers?

Light spoilers for Legacies Episode 5 below.

Landon Kirby was introduced near the end of The Originals Season 5. At the time, he appeared to just be some human Hope befriended in Mystic Falls. However, in the pilot episode of Originals spinoff Legacies, we learned that he can’t be compelled when Alaric tells one of The Salvatore School’s vampire students to make Landon forget everything he’d learned about the school and it doesn’t work.

But Alaric doesn’t figure this out until Landon steals a magical knife from the school instead of going home as he’s compelled to do. When Alaric and Hope tracked down Landon, he lied about the knife at first. Then he claims he didn’t remember stealing it before finally handing it over.

Since then, a dragon, gargoyle and spider-like creature have all attacked, seemingly drawn to Mystic Falls by the same knife. Dorian took it away from the school, but at the end of episode 4, a swamp-like creature finds him.

Meanwhile, Landon remains a question mark. What exactly is he? We don’t know yet, but several fans have shared their theories.

Is Landon a Demigod?

“Landon is Percy Jackson and he attracts mythical monsters,” redditor u/CluelessWeasel writes. That would explain why the dragon and spider-like creature were present around him. After all, the knife wasn’t in Mystic Falls when the latter attacked, but Landon was.

Redditor u/idontfuckingcarebaby expands on the theory to include Landon’s connection to the knife and the monsters.

“Maybe the knife is supposed to be his or something and that’s why he was drawn to it and kept it even though he didn’t know why,” they suggest. “When he had the knife for a little bit, it created some sort of surge of power, which in turn is why all these creatures are here now, because they’re aware of where it is again.”

Redditor u/lowkeyagod agrees, suggesting “Landon is the chosen one able to wield the knife’s power.”

Is Landon a Descendant of a Knight of the Round Table?

Redditor u/did-some-reading suggests that whereas the monsters seem to come from Greek mythology, Landon is linked to Arthurian legend.

“In Arthurian myth we all know about Excalibur but it is less commonly known that Arthur also wielded a dagger, Carnwennan,” they write. “Arthur is directly linked to the famous wizard Merlin, as well as a whole array of other mythical creatures like dragons, giants, etc.”

They also suggest he could be “descended from a knight of the round table.”

The redditor concludes the theory with the suggestion that “Landon and the dagger are both just pieces of the puzzle” and the dagger may need to be used “in tandem” with something else, possibly Excalibur, against the Big Bad.

Is Landon a Fae?

“I considered that Landon can’t help but to lie to people, as if he is ‘compelled’ to do it, and he has a very trickster/[hustler] vibe,” redditor u/Dumbiotch says. “I can’t help but wonder if Landon is actually a changeling pixie from the realm of Faerie.”

The fan expands on the theory in the comments, pointing out, “pixies were known amongst the Fae … as the ones who could get closest to lying or actually could lie, and they were tricksters. … Fae can twist the truth in circles and they could also tell the truth as they know it.” They go on to suggest Landon could “be under a heavy glamour spell that would make him forget what he is.”

Will Landon’s Powers Emerge in Episode 5?

In the promo (above) for “Malivore,” Hope tests Landon to try to figure out what he is. If they can’t determine that, he can’t stay at the Salvatore School. But it doesn’t look like he demonstrates any abilities during Hope’s tests.

Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) in 'Legacies' Season 1 Episode 5 "Malivore"The CW

However, another student is going to attack him in the episode. What if during that attack, when he’s seemingly defeated, bloody on the ground, something happens that at least hints at what he is?

Legacies is off this week for Thanksgiving but will return to its usual time slot on Thursday, November 29 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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