'Legacies' Episode 4 Recap, Spoilers: What's That New Swamp Monster?

Creatures that were previously thought to be fictional are coming out of the woodwork on Legacies because of a mysterious knife that on display at The Salvatore School. In the pilot, Landon stole that knife (though he claimed not to remember doing so), and in the next two episodes, a dragon and gargoyle came after it. Now, in episode 4, two more new monsters show up, but so far, we only know what one of them is.

Spoilers for Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 below.

Though Alaric and Dorian are no closer to figuring out what’s so special about this knife, the latter took it and left The Salvatore School at the end of episode 3.

Even with the knife gone, a new creature attacks Mystic Falls in episode 4, “Hope Is Not the Goal.” At first, they think a vampire killed local girl Dana. The students suspect both Kaleb, a vampire who was feeding on locals and compelling them to forget, and Landon, the mysterious new guy who can’t be trusted.

Then, Dana stumbles out of the woods. They think she’s in transition due to the bite on her neck, but after she throws up her guts and dies, it becomes clear this wasn’t a vampire. The web on her body leads MG to figure out they’re dealing with a spider-like creature, Arachne, a beautiful woman who was cursed by a jealous god and turned into a giant spider. To pass as a human, Arachne wears the skin of her prey. Gross, right?

Once Hope, Josie and Lizzie take care of the creature, Alaric calls Dorian and tells him to come back. He doesn’t think anything’s coming after the knife, but that’s when something breaks into Dorian’s cabin. That something is some sort of bipedal, slimy, swamp-like creature with a skull-like face.

The monster that attacked Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) in 'Legacies' Season 1 Episode 4 "Hope Is Not the Goal"The CW

What could it be (or at least be based on)?

1. Swamp Thing or Man-Thing

Both DC and Marvel Comics have versions of a bipedal, humanoid creature that is a swamp monster.

There have been plenty of legends over the years about different creatures living in certain areas. The creature that broke into Dorian’s cabin could certainly be described as such.

2. A Reptilian Humanoid

Though these creatures are said to have human bodies and snake heads, we just saw a dragon that disguised itself as a human (albeit with no voice). Who’s to say that this isn’t a “fictional” creature with some changes?

3. A Swamp Ape

This is another humanoid creature known for a foul odor. That creature doesn’t look like it smells like flowers.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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