'Legacies' Spoilers: Who Killed Dana? Here Are 3 Theories

On Legacies, the Salvatore School students are supposed to keep the supernatural a secret from the residents of Mystic Falls residents, but they’re not exactly doing a good job.

Vampire Kaleb fed on a local, Dana, and compelled her to think the bite was a hickey. Then, at the end of episode 3, Dana and her friend, Sasha, were attacked in the woods — but by whom or what?

Light spoilers for Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 below.

At the end of Legacies Season 1 Episode 3, “We’re Being Punked, Pedro,” Dana and Sasha planned to vandalize The Salvatore School. But when Sasha stepped out of the car to make a phone call, something happened to her off-screen. She screamed. Then something landed on the roof of Dana’s car, and Dana screamed.

The trailer for episode 4, “Hope Is Not the Goal,” shows Sheriff Matt Donovan and Alaric with Dana’s body. She’s dead, and there’s a vampire bite on her neck.

Dana (Katie Garfield) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) in 'Legacies' Season 1 Episode 2 "Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn" 

The CW

Kaleb’s an obvious suspect, but who (or what) else could have killed Dana? Here are three theories for what to expect


Kaleb already fed from her once and was caught by fellow vampire MG. He could have easily gone back for more human blood and attacked both Sasha and Dana in the woods. He might not have even meant to kill her.

According to the Episode 6 promo (embedded up top), he’s one of the other students’ prime suspects. MG is likely not going to keep the fact that Kaleb already bit her once from his classmates.

But is Lizzie talking to Kaleb when she says, “We know you killed Dana”? If she is, maybe he tries to place the blame on someone else, like …


“None of this started happening until you showed up,” Kaleb says to Landon in the preview. Is the vampire trying to deflect or could he be onto something?

We already know Landon is some kind of supernatural creature and can’t be trusted. Could he have had a hand in Dana’s death and used Kaleb’s vampire bite on her neck to his advantage? Everyone would be looking for a vampire, not someone (or something) else.

However, that would mean he got away from the school somehow. Considering Jeremy just brought him back, I doubt Alaric is just letting him roam around to go wherever he pleases.

A Supernatural Creature

In Legacies episode 2, Alaric and Hope encountered a dragon, a creature Alaric didn’t think existed. Then, in episode 3, they dealt with a gargoyle. Supernatural creatures want a mysterious knife previously on display at the school.

Maybe another creature that Alaric has never heard of before has shown up looking for that knife. Maybe Dana was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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