The Internet Is Obsessed With This NASA Moon Exploration Video

Warning: Goosebumps are imminent. 

NASA wants to send astronauts back to the Moon to establish an orbiting lunar base that could enable deeper space exploration. In preparation of this epic event, the space agency released last week what is essentially a trailer of its space exploration campaign — titled “We Are NASA” — and the internet has gone buck-wild over it.

The video splices together vintage footage of the Apollo missions, renderings of future space vessels, and NASA researchers hard at work. The montage is voiced-over by prolific TV narrator Mike Rowe — best-known for his work on Dirty Jobs —and is set to a soundtrack you would expect out of James Cameron’s Avatar.

The results were instant virality. The video received just shy of a million views since its November 16 debut on Youtube. This was backed up by more than 61,000 upvotes on Reddit, 17,000 retweets, and 20,000 Facebook reactions.

To be fair, it’s hard to not get goosebumps when you watch.

“This is not hypothetical,” narrates Rowe in the video. “This is not about flags or footprints. This is about sustainable science and feeding forward the advance of the human spirit.”

News feeds across the internet were awash with wide-eyed reactions, nostalgia trips, and hype for what’s to come. This was definitely a marketing move by NASA and it won over the hearts and imaginations of millions.

“Glued to the TV for every mission in the 60s as a young boy,” tweeted Bob Longenecker. “I’m 61 now. Do this while I’m still alive. Can’t wait!”

Some even asked for a sequel to the clip only days after “We Are NASA” was released. That would totally be possible seeing as the agency has an archive of countless hours of mission footage.

Even Jesus is all-in for NASA!


Same, Jessica. Same.

“NASA can you make more short cinematic clips like this? Please? Pretty please?,” said YouTube user Ryan M..

Finally, leave it to the space subreddit to sum up the heavy dose of feels this video hits you with.

“This video actually made me proud to be a human being,” wrote u/you_me_fivedollars. “I can’t say I’ve felt much of that lately but ah, well, there it is.”

In essence: Everything is bad, but NASA is good. We’ll see you on the noon very soon.

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