'Avengers 4' Trailer Release Date: When Will Marvel Reveal the Title?  

Somehow, after all this time, we still don’t have an official title for the upcoming Avengers 4 (or even a trailer), but the evidence is mounting that we might get both by the end of the month — or maybe even within the next week.

Historically, trailers for movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe drop a little bit more than five months before theatrical release, so the Avengers 4 trailer is due out sometime in the next month, especially because Marvel President Kevin Feige has already confirmed it would happen before the end of 2018.

Another important indicator also emerged recently: Marvel’s Captain Marvel Prelude comic, released November 14, focuses on Maria Hill and Nick Fury in the lead-up to Infinity War. But as one Marvel fan noticed via Twitter, the comic’s ending teases an Avengers prelude comic due out on December 5.

“The first Avengers 4 trailer has to come out before its prelude comic, right?” the user writes.

It was also around this time of year in 2017 when Marvel released the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer on November 29. (Watch that thrilling trailer again in the video at the top of this article.)

Here’s a breakdown of several potential release dates for the Avengers 4 trailer and why:

Friday, November 23

In October, we ran some calculations based on when Marvel has released previous MCU trailers. On average, MCU trailers release 161 days before the film’s theatrical release, so that would time the Avengers 4 trailer to Friday, November 23 — or Black Friday.

If the trailer does air on Black Friday, then it’ll probably be early in the morning on Good Morning America. It would be an interesting choice given that one of the most popular upcoming movies gets a new trailer on the single biggest shopping day of the year.

Monday, November 26

In a YouTube video from MCU Cosmic editor-in-chief Jeremy Conrad, he says his sources indicate the Avengers 4 trailer will release during some kind of football game “between November 26 and December 2.” But the only football games that appear on a network owned by Marvel parent company Disney are Monday Night Football games on ABC. So that rules out any Thanksgiving Day football.

That’s why many Star Wars trailers have aired first during Monday Night Football, so Disney can promote its films on its own networks. Doing this for Avengers 4 would buck Marvel’s Good Morning America trend, but it’s still a strong possibility.

Outside of the very slim chance that the Avengers 4 trailer airs during the November 19 game of Monday Night Football, it’s possible that the trailer could air either the November 26. The December 3 game would be outside Conrad’s projected range so it’s less likely.

And this is all assuming that the “football game” rumor is true to begin with.

Wednesday, November 28

Perhaps the most likely theory about the trailer’s release occurs right around the anniversary of the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer’s release.

The Russo Brothers are hosting an Avengers: Infinity War screening with Collider that’ll include a Q&A on Wednesday, November 28. The folks over at We Got This Covered see this as somewhat suspicious, theorizing that the Avengers 4 trailer could air as part of this event, perhaps before or during the Q&A portion.

Or the trailer might air that morning, setting up the Russo Brothers Q&A to answer early questions about it. Assuming it does debut earlier that day, it’s all but guaranteed that would happen on Good Morning America, which is where every other Marvel trailer in recent memory has been unveiled, including Captain Marvel.

A video from Michael Roman’s Everything Always YouTube channel further corroborated this theory, working off the assumption that it makes the most sense for Marvel to release the trailer exactly one week before the prelude comic. That way, everyone would know the official title of the movie and the comic itself could include it and offer some additional context.

All things considered, it seems all but certain that we’ll get both a title and a full trailer for Avengers 4 before the end of November.

Avengers 4 will be released in theaters on May 3, 2019.