'The Magicians' Season 4 Trailer: The New Monster Isn't the Biggest Threat

The Library's new regime is somehow worse than no magic at all.

As always, The Magicians have their hands full in the first trailer for Season 4 as they deal with threats on all fronts. There’s the Library’s fascist regime controlling all of magic, Eliot being possessed by the nameless monster unleashed in the Season 3 finale, and the glaring fact that almost none of them have their memories. And we thought them losing magic for Season 3 was a wild place to start things off.

Syfy released the first trailer for The Magicians Season 4 on Friday, and in it, everyone deals with the fallout of Season 3’s soft reset. After the Magicians completed their quest to restore magic, Alice betrayed her friends as part of a deal with the Library so that the organization would gain control of magic. As the Library started rationing magic, The Magicians began to feel like a cautionary tale of an organizing body regulating and capitalizing control of a resource.

Almost every major character had their memories erased as part of the fallout, and they were each given non-magic identities. Alice, imprisoned by the Library with her full memories, can’t do much about it.

Alice is in magic prison at the start of Season 4.


“The vibe I’m getting is very 1984,” Marlene says at some kind of security checkpoint in the trailer. Armed guards patrol the area, and a huge sign forbids magic under federal law. Even Todd says, “Pro tip: Always be polite to Librarians.” It’s not exaggerating to compare this to some kind of fascist regime, especially when Alice later mentions that they need to “spark a rebellion.”

Zelda, the head Librarian, claims that the Library controlling all of magic is to make things safer, but judging from everyone’s reaction — presumably after they somehow get their memories back — they’re out for revenge.

Another looming concern, however, comes from the nameless monster that now possesses Eliot. He confronted Quentin, named Brian in his alternate identity, at the very end of Season 3, behaving like an immature being that just wants, always asking if someone could “play” with him. In addition to being totally creepy, the being can also send people flying with a brief puff of air. And Eliot is seemingly trapped inside his own body.

There’s also the briefest flash of Margo and Josh making out, so things are getting pretty crazy for Season 4. Needless to say, the Magicians have a lot on their plates and Season 4 looks crazier than ever.

The Magicians Season 4 premieres on Syfy January 23, 2019.

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