'Glass': New Trailer Delivers Brutal 'Unbreakable' vs. 'Split' Fight Scenes

Almost twenty years after M. Night Shyamalan unleashed his cerebral superhero thriller Unbreakable, the auteur is finally giving audiences all the David Dunn action they’ve been starved for when the invulnerable security guard lays the smackdown on James McAvoy’s Kevin/The Horde, the DID (dissociative identity disorder) villain from 2017’s Split.

On Wednesday, Universal released a new TV trailer for Glass, the third film in Shyamalan’s original superhero series that will be released on January 18. At just a minute long, the vast majority of the teaser is nothing but David Dunn straight up fighting the Horde, who kidnaps a high school cheerleading squad.

So much of the trailer is new footage. We see more of Kevin/the Horde on a rampage, lifting police cars and laying waste to entire SWAT teams. Meanwhile, Bruce Willis’ David Dunn “readopts” his identity — his “cape” is a simple rain poncho — as the only one who can stop the Horde.

Also featured in the trailer are more shots of Anya Taylor-Joy, who returns as Casey Cooke (her “Final Girl” protagonist from Split) and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Mr. Glass,” “supervillain” from Unbreakable who makes a deal with the devil of sorts with Kevin to escape the mental institution.

New to the series is Sarah Paulson (Ocean’s 8, American Horror Story) as Dr. Ellie Staple, a psychiatrist who unintentionally becomes the leading expert on the emerging species of superhumans.

Here we go.

Universal Pictures

Glass will be released in theaters on January 18.

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