Elon Musk: Boring Company Eco-Bricks to Be Featured in DIY Watchtower Kits

The first Boring Company watchtower is almost complete. 

by James Dennin

It’s been a particularly busy day for Elon Musk and his myriad ventures, with updates to the Tesla Model 3 shipping timeline being announced, the FCC green-lighting parts of SpaceX’s plans to beam internet from its satellites, and the 18th SpaceX launch of 2018. On Thursday afternoon, Musk also gave an update on the plans for The Boring Company’s eco-bricks, which could soon grace the LA skyline with a medieval-style tower complete with a Monty Python-inspired guard.

This is mostly according to the replies to a job posting that Musk shared on Twitter looking for a guard to watch over the tower as it nears construction. Riffing on classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail gag, Musk joked that the team was looking for a “knight to yell insults at people in a French accent.”

Musk continued riffing in the replies. First he shared an image of Gravensteen, a famous castle built in 1180 in the Belgian city of Ghent, with the caption, “not much but it is ours,” before rapidly clarifying that it wasn’t actually the Boring Company castle, just a picture he found on the internet (Inverse determined the image depicted Gravensteen using a reverse image search.)

But the most interesting tweet Musk dropped was probably his suggestion that The Boring Company eco bricks could soon anchor what could be the Boring Company’s next product line: DIY Watchtowers that people could build which will resemble what will soon watch over the Boring Company’s LA headquarters.

“Boring Co is launching a whole product line of DIY watchtowers,” Musk tweeted. “You get bricks & a picture.”

While you’d be forgiven for thinking that he was joking, Musk has been known to test out product ideas in Twitter threads before. In fact, it seems like the main venue for sussing out which games to include with the Tesla’s touch-screen, which notably runs old arcade games as a kind of Easter egg.

Product lines have also been key to helping fund The Boring Company, which to date has released a line of hats and a line of ‘not-a-flamethrowers” as a means of generating cash. And, while it’s not tehnically a Boring Company product, who could forget Teslatequilla?

And yet it’s the bricks that may wind up being the most compelling Boring Company side-project in the long run. The bricks are made using the dirt dug up from The Boring Company’s tunnels, which means they present a potentially more sustainable alternative to concrete, whose production alone accounts for 4.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. In the long run, Musk says he plans to give them away for free to organizations and people working on affordable housing projects.

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