Elon Musk Is Hunting for Tesla Arcade Games: Here Are the Best Suggestions

An arcade on wheels.

Tesla cars are already retro arcades on wheels and it appears that Elon Musk is on the prowl for titles to go in an expansion pack. The next software update for the electric cars may even include a copy of Blazing Chrome, an upcoming indie game that Musk has taken a liking to.

The Tesla CEO tweeted Wednesday that he was interested in adding the platform shooter as an Easter egg in the touchscreen control panel found in the Model 3, S, and X. The most recent Version 9 Autopilot update included three hidden Atari games: Missile Command, Lunar Lander, and Centipede. For the next round of in-Tesla gaming experiences, it seems like Musk is looking for something a little more advanced.

This is all according to a Twitter thread started by the account for gaming news site, Niche Gamer, which on Wednesday afternoon posted a gameplay trailer of Blazing Chrome. The video must have appealed to Musk’s love of retro games because he didn’t mince words.

“Would be fun to add to Tesla,” he wrote in the first of two separate replies. “Send me a note!”

All of this video game talk got other users talking about the games they’d want in their EV. Here are the best requests Musk received.

## 3. Strikers 1945

A clear theme quickly emerged, Tesla needs a shooter. One of the best ideas was the dogfighting classic: Striker 1945, a naval warfare-themed game that first in arcades in 1995 before shipping to the Playstation and the Sega Saturn a year later.

This may be one of the strongest suggestions, as it actually lends itself perfectly to the lengthy Tesla touchscreen. As far as the mechanics of the game, players progress through the world vertically instead of horizontally, making it a particularly worthy contender for sure.

2. Metal Slug

This legendary game is found in pretty much any arcade you visit to this day and might have even inspired Blazing Chrome. The game was pretty revolutionary when it first appeared in 1996 and combined the conventions of a typical run-and-shoot with melee battle as well. It’s inspired dozens of spin-offs for all the major gaming platforms, but it may be a lot for the current iterations of the Tesla touch-screen to handle.

1. Broforce

There are a few reasons to like Broforce, another popular suggestion that also seems like it could run decently on a Tesla.

Unlike Metal Slug and Strikers, it was developed fairly recently in 2015, and was meant to be a throw-back in its own right. That said, because of the deliberately retro feel, its mechanics are still pretty simple, as it’s a basic side-scrolling run-and-gun game. Of all of the games that have been floated, Broforce has garnered among the best reviews on video game market place, Steam.

But the biggest source of Broforce’s appeal might be that it would appeal to Musk’s tongue and cheek sensibility. In the game, you play as one member of the “Broforce,” a group of action hero parodies who take instructions from a leader named “Nelson Brodela.” If he hasn’t yet, we think Musk will like it.

Musk’s decision to equip his vehicles with retro games have, at times, felt like a publicity stunt (and also maybe kinda dangerous?). But they actually point to a very important way that Musk is re-thinking the cars of the future.

After all, it’s only a matter of time before Tesla (or someone else) begins releasing fully-autonomous vehicles. When that happens, possibly as soon as the next couple years, passengers are going to need something else to do with their time. And among the many suggested pass times that have been floated so far, retro gaming would actually qualify as among the safest.

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