'Breaking Bad' Movie Cast: Watch Bryan Cranston Shut Down a Huge Fan Theory

He wants to be in the rumored new movie, but there's a catch...

Rumor has it Jesse Pinkman is coming out of retirement for a Breaking Bad movie set to pick up where the original series left off, but will Bryan Cranston (Walter White) join the cast alongside his old co-star Aaron Paul? In a new interview on Today the Heisenberg actor says he’s interested, but there’s just one problem…

“I’d love to do a *Breaking Bad movie,” he said, “but I’m doing Broadway now and that’s gonna go until March at least.”

Ok, that’s not actually the problem with Cranston returning for a Breaking Bad sequel. The real issue, as one of the Today hosts points out, is that (spoiler alert) his character died.

“What are they gonna show me on a slab?” he said. “That’s not exciting.”

As you may remember from the Breaking Bad series finale, Walter White dies in the very last seen after freeing Jesse from the neo-Nazis and making sure his family would be taken care of. However, some fans (myself included) believed that the last episode wasn’t exactly what it seemed.

One popular fan theory argues that Walter White never left his snowy New Hampshire hideout and lived out his final revenge as a vivid fantasy instead. That would mean the final episode is essentially a daydream. It also explains why everything suddenly goes exactly according to plan on a show where that almost never happened for our meth-dealing anti-hero.

Walter White in the final season of 'Breaking Bad'


But if Cranston says his character is dead then that would seem to suggest the Breaking Bad ending we saw really did happen — unless his character simply died in New Hampshire instead, of course.

Either way, Cranston also claims to know as little about the Breaking Bad movie as the rest of us, which suggests that if it is happening his character likely won’t be involved.

“I have no idea,” he said on Today. “I’ve never seen a script. I assume something’s happening, but maybe not.”

So if Cranston lying to us? It seems unlikely that the Breaking Bad crew could reunite without at least letting Heisenberg himself in on the news. Then again, if he’s really not in the movie then why risk letting those secrets get out?

At the very least, this still-rumored Breaking Bad movie should finally clear up once and for all whether the show’s final episode was real or a fantasy.

Check out the full Today interview, which includes more Breaking Bad goodness and also touches on Cranston’s return to Broadway in Network right here.

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