'Captain Marvel' Photo: Pay Phone Number Now Goes to a Phone Sex Line

We swear we were just being meticulous. Brie Larson this week shared a photo of herself as Captain Marvel, standing next to a pay phone surrounded by “Rock the Vote” posters, to encourage people to head to the polls. But the number listed on the phone is no longer the one for the phone; instead, the number leads to another icon of the ‘90s that’s been made obsolete: a phone sex line.

Inverse called it and recorded the titillating greeting, which you can listen to in the video above.

On Monday, Larson encouraged her fans on social media to vote in the mid-term elections by sharing a new image of her upcoming film Captain Marvel. Dressed in her full green Starforce uniform (before it becomes red and blue when she’s “Captain Marvel”), Larson is photographed standing in front of a pay phone surrounded those still-powerful “Rock the Vote” posters.

There's the number.

Zoom into the pay phone and you’ll see an actual, working phone number, which enterprising Marvel fans on Reddit discovered to be a phone sex hotline. To be honest, that is extremely ‘90s, so points to Captain Marvel for that.

Why did Disney use a phone sex hotline to promote Captain Marvel? The simple answer is that Disney actually used to own the number. Back in 2014, users on the message forum FunnyJunk learned that the same number used to be a prop phone number for movies and TV shows. Most of the internet remembers that the number was used on the kids’ sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Before it was a sex line, the greeting used to be: “Thank you for calling ABC. The number you have reached is a fictional, non-working number used for motion picture and television productions,” according to a FunnyJunk comment.

So yeah. Captain Marvel is going to be a hot movie, it just isn’t going to be a hot movie. Although it does have Ben Mendelsohn as the villain.

Captain Marvel soars into theaters on March 8, 2019. Watch the trailer below:*