Does Sabrina Sign the Book? Spoilers, Ending Explained for the Netflix Show

By now, many of us have finished all 10 episodes of Netflix’s new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. While we wait for Sabrina Season 2, we’re here to revisit some of the most important bullet points from the finale. Most importantly, does Sabrina sign the Book of the Beast or not?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 thoroughly explores Sabrina Spellman’s struggles trying to reconcile her mortal life as a half-human with her magical existence as a half-witch. The series begins with the premise that upon her 16th birthday, she is to sign her name in the Book of the Beast, essentially giving herself away to Satan himself in exchange for magical power and near-immortal life. There’s plenty of death, some rivalries, and even a creepy-looking Sleep Demon, all while satanic forces try to compel Sabrina to sign the book.

But does she do it in the end? And what other cliffhangers and dramatic reveals in the Season 1 finale might hint at what’s to come in Season 2?

Full spoilers follow for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1.

Sabrina writes her name in blood in the Book of the Beast on 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'.


Sabrina Signs the Book of the Beast

In exchange for the power needed to fight the Greendale 13 and stop the Red Angel of Death from murdering many of the townsfolk, Sabrina finally agrees to sign the Book of the Beast in “Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour.” After she does so, there’s a crack of lightning and Sabrina’s head snaps back. There’s no reason to believe that there’s any kind of misdirection going on — Sabrina totally signed that book. This was the Dark Lord’s plan all along.

As a result, Sabrina is now contractually obliged to heed Satan’s bidding. But that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in this world. Sabrina’s aunts and cousin all did it, and they’re normal-ish, right?

Later in that episode, Mrs. Wardwell reveals that she’s Lilith (Adam’s first wife) who also went on to become Mother of Demons and bride to Satan. She hopes to train Sabrina as Satan’s new enforcer so that she might assume a throne in Hell. Sabrina’s dark destiny, it seems, is much more sinister than other witches.

Sabrina becomes only the fourth witch in all of history to summon Hellfire.


Sabrina’s Hair Turns White After She Summons Hellfire

Sabrina’s deal with the Devil makes her magic even more potent, and she becomes the fourth witch in all of history to summon demonic blue Hellfire — seemingly the only thing that can burn and destroy the Greendale 13. This act of ruthless destruction figuratively transforms Sabrina as she embraces her dark side but also literally transforms her blonde hair into an icy white.

“That platinum white hair is iconic from the comic books,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Tonight. “Sabrina is actually not blonde, she has white hair in the comics.” The hair change is probably permanent.

Like many magical aspects of the show, including visions, this change is probably mostly symbolic.

Dr. Cerberus definitely isn't human on 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', so what is he?


Dr. Cerberus Isn’t Human, So Is He a Demon or Something Else?

Alessandro Juliani’s “Dr. Cee” only appeared in three episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in the back-half of Season 1 as the owner of Cerberus Books. He’s a kind, quirky man that used to be the town weatherman before opening up his shop, where he dresses up as a vampire. After Hilda is excommunicated from the Church of Night, she gets a job as a barista in his shop, and by the Season 1 finale, she and Dr. Cee are headed towards a romantic relationship.

They share a kiss just outside the Spellman home, but as he walks away, the viewer sees Dr. Cee’s eyes glow a creepy golden color. Is he a demon in disguise? Or is he really the vampire that he pretends to be with his costume? There’s no telling what his otherworldly secret is, but it’s possible he might be the villain of Season 2.

What will Hilda and Zelda name Lord Blackwood's daughter?


What in Satan’s Name — Zelda Stole Lord Blackwood’s Daughter!

Zelda is the stern, overly serious Spellman sister and despite seducing Lord Blackwood, she pretty much always follows the rules. So it comes as a bit of a shock that, after delivering the Blackwood twins, she lies to Lord Blackwood and tells him that the brother consumed his twin in the womb. She then brings the female twin home to Hilda and proposes that the two of them raise the girl together just like they did Sabrina.


It’s a good thing they’re fraternal twins. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy explaining why the Spellman’s had an identical twin to Blackwood’s child. We can also safely assume that Prudence was in on this secret because she helped in the delivery room. What will Hilda and Zelda name the child? My guess is Vesta or Lydia, after one of the other Spellman sisters that may or may not have existed in this universe.

After signing her name away, Sabrina realized she had to sever all ties to mortals — including Harvey.


Sabrina and Harvey Remain Broken Up

Harvey more or less dumped Sabrina after he found out she was a witch and had brought his brother back to life as a husk of his former self. In the finale, he was ready to forgive her and resume their relationship thanks to a pep talk from Nick, but it came just a little too late.

“I don’t know if it’s safe for me to be around you,” Sabrina says. “I had to do something tonight that scares me. It touched something dark inside me.”

Translation: Sabrina had to forsake all her mortal relationships.

Sabrina winking at Nicholas in the Academy of Unseen Arts


Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch Will Probably Hook Up in Season 2, Right?

Sabrina deftly navigated having a mortal boyfriend while being attracted to the warlock Nicholas Scratch in Season 1. But with her relationship with Harvey over for the time being and Sabrina embracing her darker witch side, does that mean she’ll act on her obvious feelings for Nick?

The final shot of the season shows Sabrina winking directly in Nick’s direction, so all signs point to yes.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 2 is already in production with no confirmed release date.

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