'Halloween' 2018 Ending Spoilers: Fan Theory Explains a Glaring Plot Hole

How did Michael Myers escape in the first place?

Halloween is an excellent horror movie. It might even be better than the John Carpenter original, but there’s one major plot hole that drags down an otherwise pretty airtight plot. Thankfully, a clever horror fan has come up with a theory to explain the issue away, and it makes the ending of Halloween (2018) even better as a result.

Warning: Halloween (2018) spoilers ahead.

Before we get into this, I’ll admit that pointing out plot holes in a movie like Halloween, which defies the laws of physics and basic human rationality at nearly every turn, is more than a little nit-picky. But this 2018 sequel it really is almost perfect. The new Halloween pretty much ditches all the weird supernatural stuff from the past 40 years of sequels to deliver a perfect spooky movie — except for one thing.

The plot hole I’m talking about is the scene where Michael escapes from the bus as he’s being transported from one prison to the next. We never see the actual moments where the bus crashes or find out exactly what caused it. We just take for granted that the Myers escapes because, well, if he didn’t there’s be no movie.

Halloween also does a pretty good job of glossing over this issue by instantly introducing another ridiculous horror trope: the guy who goes to check out something scary on his own. When a dad and his son drive past the crashed bus they obviously stop so the father can get out to investigate. He dies, of course, but the combination of horror and absurdity of that moment helps cover up the issue of why the bus even crashed in the first place.

That’s where this fan theory comes in. Over on Reddit, underthegod makes an interesting argument: What if it was Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) who helped free Michael Myers?

“I can’t shake this idea,” they write. “I believe that Laurie pushed the bus transporting Michael, off the road.”

On a basic level, this makes sense. Laurie has been waiting (and training) to get revenge on Michael for 40 years. So when she sees an opportunity to break him free she takes it. That bus trip was her best (and possibly) only chance to make that happen.

After the bus crash, the next time we see Laurie she shows up late at a restaurant to meet her family. She’s clearly already drunk and shaken by something. Laurie’s daughter (Judy Greer) waves it off as crazy old mom, but maybe the reason Laurie is so out of sorts is because of the extreme action she just took and the repercussions she knows are on the way.

Finally, when Laurie sees the news of Michael’s bus crash on TV a day later she “barely flinches.” That seems like a pretty strong indication that she already knew he had escaped.

Of course, you could argue that Michael Myers’ doctor (who’s so obsessed with his patient he kills a cop to protect him) might be the one who crashed the bus. That’s certainly possible, but it’s much less interesting thematically.

If Laurie freed Michael then it makes their final showdown that much more epic. And that much more satisfying when she finally gets her long-deserved revenge.

Halloween is in theaters now.

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