'Bravest Warriors' Season 4 Skewers Social Media in Exclusive New Clip

Any Adventure Time fans still looking for a new animated series to fill the Finn and Jake-sized whole in their heart may want to check out Bravest Warriors. The VRV exclusive series from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is currently in its fourth season and focuses on a team of teenage heroes-for-hire who travel the universe saving aliens in the year 3085.

Inverse is offering an exclusive early look at a clip from Bravest Warriors Season 4 Episode 37, which airs later today along with episode 38 on VRV’s streaming platform. In the clip, embedded above, our heroes discuss a hot new social media service from the 31st century called Thought Barf (yes, seriously).

That name may imply a connection to modern day Twitter, but based on this clip, Thought Barf sounds more like a futuristic version of Instagram. Images and video from your brain are projected into the air and posted online for your friends to Like. There’s also a “Safe Post” setting that helps you keep your more embarrassing thoughts from being automatically shared online.

Here are the official synopses for the next two episode Bravest Warriors Season 4’s next two episodes:

437: Chris reacquaints himself with a childhood friend, while the other Bravest Warriors, who remember her as a jerk, nearly destroy the hide-out with a plot to reveal her true nature.
438: The Bravest Warriors are called to do a no-brainer task at a Wankershim parade, but find it impossible to function or keep their memories straight - what gives?!

Bravest Warriors is streaming now on VRV.