‘Adventure Time’ Finale Air Date, Trailer, New Song Revealed at Comic-Con

We also got a beautiful new original song.

After a very long wait, Adventure Time fans finally know when the series finale will air. The official date was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con 2018, along with a new trailer for the last few episodes and a live rendition of a new song titled “Time Adventure.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the Adventure Time finale if you weren’t following along over the weekend.

Adventure Time Finale Air Date

The final episodes of Adventure Time will air on Cartoon Network on September 3. A day later, on September 4, a new DVD box titled Adventure Time: The Final Seasons will be released, containing the entirety of Season 8, 9, and 10.

Adventure Time Finale Trailer

Cartoon Network also released a new trailer for the Adventure Time finale (embedded up top), offering a look back at previous adventures and a tease of what’s to come.

“Time and time again, the land of Ooo has called upon one heroic duo to save its bacon,” a narrator says as the action plays out, “but this time Finn and Jake will face the ultimate adventure.”

At the same time, we see Princess Bubblegum use a war horn to presumably declare war. Marceline also references the battle, saying, “This is a war I have to fight.”

The trailer teases a bunch of recurring characters too. That includes Lemongrab, Normal Man (previously Magic Man), Neptr (the pie-throwing robot), and the Gumball Guardians.

Adventure Time New Song

Finally, during a Comic-Con panel on Friday, we got an early preview of a brand new song titled “Time Adventure” that will debut during the series finale. Performed by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, it’s a beautiful, melancholy piece of music that seems to focus on the friendship between Finn and Jake.

Check out the song below, and stay tuned for more coverage ahead of the Adventure Time finale on September 3.