'Joker' Movie Spoilers: Set Photos Show the Joker Up to His Old Tricks

The new Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role, won’t come out for a full year, but we already know a lot about it thanks to numerous set photos and leaks. However, the latest plot spoilers coming off the film’s New Jersey set probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever read a Batman comic, watched a movie, or seen an episode from any of the various Batman TV shows.

Based on some set photos obtained by JustJared.com, it looks like the Joker will get arrested in the 2019 movie. The pictures show Joaquin Phoenix in full makeup smiling ear-to-ear from the backseat of a what’s presumably a Gotham City Police Department cop car. Whether he actually makes it to Arkham Asylum is unclear, but you can be sure that the Joker will find a way to escape from the police eventually. That’s just what he does.

The real question is exactly what the Joker did to end up in the back of that cop car in the first place. According to previous leaks, it looks like the Joker will insight some sort of violent riot in a New York subway station, at least based on photos and videos that showed protesters colliding on a subway platform. That alone could be enough to wind up in Arkham, but knowing the Joker there’s probably some even bigger evil scheme in the works.

The one question these new photos definitely don’t answer is what the Batmobile is doing in this movie, which takes place before Bruce Wayne ever becomes Batman. Unfortunately, we may not get an answer to that mystery until the film’s release — or at least until the next batch of leaked set photos.

Joker hits theaters on October 4, 2019.

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