'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Theories: Explaining the Titan's Hellish Origins

With each new episode of Attack on Titan Season 3 we learn a little bit more about the true nature of those horrific Titans, but one fan theory might just explain their true origins. Just in time for Halloween, this fan has a hellish theory that could answer one of Attack on Titan’s biggest mysteries: the Titans are actually demons.

On the surface, this theory from Reddit user JohnTitor070701 is pretty straightforward. It plays off early Attack on Titans lore which reveals that the original Titans were created by ancient humans through some sort of mysterious deal between human leader Karl Fritz and the devil.

The Titans initially used to build a great civilization, but eventually, they became a weapon in a conflict between two warring human groups, the Eldians and the Marleyians, leading to the current state of Titan-induced chaos where the show takes place. The true origin of the Titans is still a mystery, though, and that’s where this theory comes in:

"“Titans are Eldians turned into demons. Ymir’s ideology is to never hurt Eldians and only use Titan power for their profit. Karl Fritz vowed to renounce the war and never start a war again, and created an ideology to do nothing but instead build a paradise for the Eldians."

So essentially, this theory takes the Attack on Titan lore one step further, arguing that Fritz’s deal with the devil essentially transformed early humans into demons. It’s a far-out idea, but considering how off the wall this story can get, maybe it’s not that inconceivable.

As one commenter points out, there’s also a biblical connection between the flash of lighting when a Titan appears and the Devil himself. In Luke 10:18 is quoted as saying, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Sound familiar?

So is every Titan just a fallen angel (AKA a demon) that’s arrived on Earth? We may never know, but it’s certainly an interesting answer to one of the show’s greatest mysteries.