'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Premiere: Remember These 6 Revelations

It's about to get even more confusing.

The finale of Attack on Titan Season 2 might have aired more than a year ago, but we’re finally on the verge of the Season 3 premiere. As such, there’s no better time to get a refresher on all the biggest plot points and revelations from previous seasons.

Season 2 was only 12 short episodes long, having begun shortly after Eren’s battle with Annie’s Female Titan at Wall Rose. These days, Annie’s still trapped inside a diamond-like cocoon that she seemingly created to protect herself. But as the Survey Corps investigates various reports of Titan roaming around inside the Walls, they find that their world is getting more and more bizarre.

Attack on Titan is always chock full of violence, gore, death, and tons of screaming. Season 2 was no different. And along with that, here are the six most important details and revelations to remember going into the brand new Season 3.

The Walls are built from the bodies of Titans in 'Attack on Titan'.


The Walls Are Made From the Bodies of Titans

When Eren battled Annie in their Titan forms at the end of Season 1, she was able to cause enough damage to a Wall to expose the skinless face of what looked like a Colossal Titan. More details emerged throughout Season 2 confirming that the Walls themselves were essentially built from the bodies of Titans. The cultish religious order called the Order of the Walls worships the Walls and has knowledge of their nature and creation.

Christa Is Actually Historia, and She’s Royalty

Christa’s secret was revealed last season: She’s actually Historia Reiss, the last remaining member of the true royal family.

Ymir transforms into a Titan in "Soldier"


Ymir Is the Small, Creepy Titan Shifter

“Titan Shifter” is the name given to humans like Eren that can transform into a special Titan form. After a few teases early in the season that Ymir was more than meets the eye, Episode 4 confirmed that Ymir was a Titan Shifter more or less assigned to protect Christa.

She’s by far the smallest Titan Shifter, smaller even than many regular Titans. But because she has such great control over her Titan form, she can act deliberately, making good use of her agility to defeat enemies far larger than her.

After getting maimed midway through the season, she’s abducted by Reiner and Bertholdt, whom she joins for good at the season’s end.

Reiner and Bertholdt revealed their true identities in Season 2 of 'Attack on Titan'.


Reiner and Bertholdt Are the Armored and Colossal Titans

Perhaps the biggest revelation in all of Season 2 happened with Reiner straight-up told Eren that he and Bertholdt were the Armored and Colossal Titans.

Along with Annie, Reiner and Berholdt are “Warriors,” part of a human group living outside the Walls that are also Titan Shifters. For reasons unknown so far, they just sort of want to exterminate all human life living within the Walls. They also want to convert any and all other Titan Shifters to their cause, which includes Ymir and Eren.

Yes, Conny's mom is definitely a Titan now.


The Beast Titan Can Create New Titans From Humans

Most of Season 2 is spent with the Survey Corps venturing out into dangerous territory to investigate a potential breach in Wall Rose. During that adventure, they learn that the orangutan-looking Beast Titan can not only talk, he can convert humans into regular Titans.

Eren punched fruitlessly at the Smiling Titan, but it proved a successful tactic when he activated the Coordinate.


Eren Has an Ability Called the “Coordinate”

When things were at their most dire for Eren and Mikasa in the Season 2 finale, Eren couldn’t transform to save them from the same Titan that killed Eren’s mother years ago. But after he punched at the Titan’s outstretched hand in a moment of desperation, he discovered that he had the ability to essentially control the minds of nearby Titans. He commanded them to devour that Titan before having them attack the Armored Titan, giving him a chance to escape with Mikasa.

This Titan Shifter with killer abs is the Beast Titan in 'Attack on Titan'.


The Beast Titan Is a Human Titan Shifter

Throughout Season 2, the Beast Titan was a bizarre antagonist operating on the fringes of the main action.

In what amounts to Season 2’s post-credits scene, it’s revealed that there’s a Titan Shifter that’s been controlling the Beast Titan all along. He’s in some way the superior to Reiner and Bertholdt and seemingly comes from the same village. But it’s still unclear exactly what his goals are other than to wreak havoc on the kingdom.

Attack on Titan Season 3 debuts on a simulcast July 22.