Rooster Teeth's 'gen:LOCK and 'RWBY' Comics From DC Will Arrive "Next Year"

And many more yet to be announced.

Rooster Teeth, DC Comics

In an announcement that rocked Madison Square Garden on the last day of New York Comic Con, Rooster Teeth announced a partnership with one of the big two of the comic book industry, DC Comics.

At the Rooster Teeth panel on Sunday, the popular animation studio revealed a partnership to produce comics with DC. While details are still under wraps, Rooster Teeth confirms the collaboration will include RWBY and gen:LOCK — the new highly-anticipated sci-fi anime starring Michael B. Jordan — in the form of new comic books launching as early as 2019.

“We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for more, but we are indeed working with them,” said Rooster Teeth Head of Animation Gray G. Haddock in a roundtable interview at NYCC. “The first two we can announce right now are RWBY and gen:LOCK, and there are plans to have those available next year.”

A press release sent out on Sunday also confirmed the Rooster Teeth/DC partnership, along with a quote from Haddock explaining that the comics will spend “more time with the characters” fans love and will take “deeper looks into their worlds.”

Jim Lee, DC’s Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, also said DC’s RWBY and gen:LOCK comics will bridge stories in between seasons and will prominently feature supporting characters who appear in the shows.

“The comic books and graphic novels will focus on bridging the stories between seasons,” Lee said in a statement, “as well as exploring the adventures of the supporting characters who play a direct role in the overall plot and who can have a heavy impact on the storyline.”

Miles Luna, the writer of RWBY and voice for Jaune, added that there are more Rooster Teeth series beyond the two already confirmed that are also being explored. “RWBY and gen:LOCK aren’t the only series we’re doing, there’s still more yet to be announced. It’s super early. But we didn’t want to wait until next year’s Comic Con [to say something].”

Barbara Dunkelman, who voices the pugilist Yang Xiao Long in RWBY, jokingly pitched an idea: “I just wanna point out. Wonder Woman’s got gauntlets. Yang’s got gauntlets.”

RWBY Volume 6 premieres October 27.

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