'The Good Place' Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 3 May Reveal an Angel in Hiding

Last week we reported on a mind-blowing theory that the Good Place might not actually exist, but a new, equally compelling, theory argues we may have already met at least one heavenly creature in The Good Place Season 3. If this fan theory is correct it could be a major spoiler. So proceed with caution if you’d rather see the show play out on its own accord.

This new theory, which was shared independently by two different fans on the FanTheories subreddit this week, suggests that Simone (the neuroscientist who’s working with, and dating, Chidi back on Earth) could actually be an angel sent from the Good Place to influence Michael’s latest experiment. If that’s true then not only does it prove that other theory wrong, but it could also have huge implications for The Good Place in Season 3 and beyond.

As Reddit user BlindEditor noted, there are a few different reasons to suspect that Simone isn’t the normal human she claims to be. First, pretty much every new character we’ve met in the show typically turns out to be supernatural in some way (unless it’s in a flashback). Second, she seems to be subtly pushing Chidi and the rest of the humans to become better people.

“Even when others are making fun of Jason, Eleanor, Tahani she mostly just stands and smiles not piling on,” BlindEditor writes.

Perhaps most importantly, the theory suggests that even without Michael’s influence, Simone’s appearance as a friendly fellow PHD with access to an MRI machine would have naturally brought our four human heroes together. It just would have taken a little longer.

Another Reddit user, NateKolker, came to a similar conclusion, arguing that the leaders of the Good Place “know how flawed the point system is” and feel they need to interfere a bit to help push people in the right direction. After all, if most people end up in the Bad Place, then the Good Place must be pretty lonely.

NateKolker takes this a step further, suggesting that the Good Place’s ultimate goal is to transform Michael from a demon into an angel, which would prove once and for all that anyone can be redeemed. But after Michael sends his four humans down to Earth, the Good Place had no choice but to send one of their own after them to keep tabs on the experiment and give the group a push in the right direction.

If this theory turns out to be true, then we may learn a lot about the Good Place in Season 3. And even if it’s wrong, you can probably expect some sort of big reveal when it comes to Simone’s character. After two seasons full of unexpected twists and turns, you shouldn’t expect anything less from The Good Place.

The Good Place Season 3 airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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