'Smash Ultimate' Roster Leaks: New Evidence Makes a Strong Case for Medusa

This leak could blow the case wide open.

Earlier this week we reported on rumors that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could add Medusa from Kid Icarus to the roster, adding an intriguing female villain to the growing list of leaked new characters. Now, we’ve got some new evidence that makes the case for Medusa in Smash Bros. Ultimate even stronger.

The news comes from Twitter user @Jesse_deValk, who’s been leading the charge when it comes to Smash Bros. Ultimate roster rumors regarding Medusa. On October 1, the Kid Icarus fan tweeted some fan art of the villainous character joining the lineup, tagging Medusa voice actor Cree Summer in the post. What happened next is enough to raise some serious questions.

Summer retweeted the post, which asked if Medusa might be a playable character in the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Then, moments later she deleted the retweet. @Jesse_deValk recounted the story in a direct message on Twitter before sharing a screenshot of the retweeted message taken in the brief time before Summer reversed her decision.

Medusa in 'Smash Bros. Ultimate?'


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So why would Summer retweet the post and then quickly undo it? It’s possible that Medusa really is coming to Smash Bros Ultimate, in which case the voice actor would have already recorded new voice lines for the upcoming game. In that case, the retweet is a sort of confirmation while undoing the retweet might have come after realizing that the news is still unconfirmed.

Then again, it could be that Summer doesn’t know anything. She might simply be retweeting the message because she appreciates the support, and then undoing the retweet to avoid perpetuating an untrue rumor. Either option is possible, but there’s plenty of other evidence to support it.

For one thing, Smash series director Masahiro Sakurai also worked directly on Kid Icarus: Uprising, which featured Medusa as the main villain. So it makes sense he’d want to bring the same character to the Ultimate roster.

Additionally, in Kid Icarus, Medusa was designed to play similar to another character who’s already in Smash: Palutena. So bringing Medusa to the Ultimate roster as an echo version of Palutena would be particularly easy since it’s essentially already been done in another Nintendo game.

Of course, this is mostly still just speculation, but after the latest revelations the claim that we’ll see Medusa in Smash Bros. Ultimate feels a lot more like a real possibility and a lot less like a ridiculous fantasy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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