'Fallout Miami' Release Date: Mod Draws Closer With Exciting New Update

This game just keeps getting better.

Fallout 76 is right around the corner, but, to be honest, we’re more excited for Fallout Miami, a Fallout 4 mod that’s been building buzz ever since its trailer hit in July. The latest developer update from the Fallout Miami team has us even more psyched for this unofficial game, even if there’s still no set release date.

A video released by the Fallout Miami team on Monday offers a look at the latest features added to the mod. It’s part of a new effort to help “ease the wait until the eventual release of our mod,” notes the narrator, adding that this latest update will be light on lore but still packed full of details.

She’s not lying. The new video starts with a fresh audio track from Fallout Miami before showing us a new issue of Miami Mornings — an in-game magazine that also gives the player some sort of perk.

Next, we get a look at an interesting new weapon: a straight razor. Of course, this is Fallout so you can customize your shave, swapping out the regular blade for a serrated one, a poisoned tip, or an extra sharp option if you want to just cut to the chase.

We also get a look at automated turrets, which you might remember from the Capital Wasteland. Finally, there’s an adorable new lifeguard robot presumably built to patrol Miami’s beach. (Thanks to previous trailers we already know the beach will feature radiated ghouls wearing umbrella hats and inflatable swimming tubes, along with rotting sharks carcasses.)

Based on the initial trailer, Fallout Miami looks like an impressive entry in the Fallout world, even if it’s not an official game. This is still a post-apocalyptic landscape where humanity continues to survive (though it’s not really thriving) while nature reclaims the land and mutant creatures roam free. Count us in.

Fallout Miami is set to launch as a PC mod eventually, but don’t expect to see it on PS4 or Xbox One.

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