11 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in the ‘Adventure Time’ Finale Opening

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The Adventure Time series finale offered a satisfying, if open-ended, conclusion to the story of Finn, Jake, and the rest of the gang. But before the main plot could begin, we were treated to a brand new opening theme set 1000 years in the future and starring a new pair of adventurers named Shermy and Beth the Pup Princess (likely a descendant of Jake).

The two heroes mostly served as a framing device, seeking out the King of Ooo (BMO, of course) to learn the origin of a mysterious metal arm that they happen upon. However, the show’s creators also managed to pack a ton of world building into that new opening theme, offering plenty of hints and clues as to what the next 1000 years of life on Ooo might look like.

YouTube user Uncivilized Elk (who makes some of the best Adventure Time analysis around) recently released a video discussing the show’s final opening. He does a great job breaking down many of these clues. You can check out the full 10-minute video below, but if you’re short on time here’s a quick list of 11 small details you might have missed and what they mean for the series and its characters.

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11. The Ice Kingdom

The new Adventure Time opening begins in the Ice Kingdom, but it’s not the one we remember. This one seems to be bigger and even more inhospitable, likely due to the new Ice King (AKA Gunter), who transformed after grabbing the crown at the end of the finale.

We see this Ice King flying around throughout the opening, seemingly terrorizing other inhabitants of Ooo. One shot also seems to show a prison in the Ice Kingdom with at least one prisoner, possibly a princess like the original Ice King used to obsess over?

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10. The Giant Stone Duck (and Simon?)

That big stone duck might not seem important, but it’s actually a callback to Season 1. More interesting is the mysterious figure riding it, who Uncivilized Elk points out is wearing a pretty similar backpack to the one we’ve seen on Simon. However, it’s unclear how Simon could have survived for 1000 years after he stopped being the Ice King in the Adventure Time finale.

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9. New Pup City

Next, we see a thriving metropolis with what appears to be an elevator to outer space. A closer look reveals that it’s inhabited by dogs, presumably the descendants of Jake and Lady Rainicorn. This meshes well with one scene from a previous episode, “Graybles 1000+ (also set 1000 years in the future), where we witness a dog wedding in space.

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8. Gibbon

Also in the same city, we see Gibbon, who you may recognize as Jake’s grandson and Charlie’s son, who appears to her in a vision during the episode “Daddy Daughter Card Wars.” it’s unclear how Gibbon survived for 1,000 years, though it might have something to do with the red diamond (possibly taken from the Ice King) covering one of his eyes.

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7. A Hero’s Monument

Next, we see two giant statues that have fallen to the ground. The first clearly looks like Finn (note the backpack and hat). The second appears to be a dog, presumably Jake, suggesting that these could be monuments to the two heroes. However, a nearby stone plaque that’s broken in half reads “Fin” and “Jer,” which presumably means the second statue actually represents Jermaine (Jake’s brother) instead.

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6. A Two-Headed Duck

This might not seem like much, but as Uncivilized Elk points out, it could be a direct descendant of the two-headed duck from the regular Adventure Time intro.

5. Marceline’s Cabin

Beth and Shermy now live in Marcy’s old cabin in the cave, similar to how Jake and Finn lived in Marceline’s treehouse.

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4. Bonnie’s Mug

Inside the cabin, we also see a “World’s Greatest Uncle” mug in the top right corner of the screen. The mug belonged to Princess Bubblegum. That means she likely lived with Marceline at some point after they kissed (!) during the Adventure Time finale.

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3. Candy Kingdom in Ruins

Speaking of Princess Bubblegum, we also see the remains of the Candy Kingdom, which seems to have modernized before eventually turning to rubble (we saw the same thing at the end of Adventure Time episode “Lemonhope.”) The mystic tree is also dead, suggesting that Neddy is either dead or gone as well.

2. Lumpy Space Princess?

In the same shot, we see a small purple lumpy creature with a star on its face. It seems likely this could be the descendant of LPS herself.

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1. Sweet P Grows Up

Finally, we see Beth and Shermy riding on top of a gigantic Sweet P (the picture above is from later in the episode when we get a bigger look at this absolute unit). It seems that in 1000 years the evil-Lich-turned-baby has grown up into a massive bearded man. Looking good, Sweet P!

Check out the full video below, and head to Uncivilized Elk’s YouTube page for even more great analysis of Adventure Time and other animated series.

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