Here's Where to Find the New Week 8 'Fortnite' Road Trip Challenge Location

New twists on the same old thing.

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The new loading screen for Week 8 mixes things up for the ongoing Road Trip Challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5. The are seemingly no more secret, hidden Battle Stars because they’ve been replaced by banners instead.

Week 8 began on Thursday morning, and the new loading screen features Brite Bomber and a fully-unlocked Drift exploring Tomato Temple with lit torches. On a raised platform in the background is Cuddle Team Leader throwing a tomato at the back of Rex’s head. Per usual, the scene throws in t random character outfits as characters to set a dynamic scene — but somewhere in the mix is a silhouette marking the location players need to visit as part the Road Trip Challenge.

In this loading screen, the hidden location is on a stone wall in Tomato Temple:

The secret in the Week 8 loading screen indicates a King Tomato banner in Tomato Temple.

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The Week 8 loading screen does hint at a secret location within Tomato Temple, but rather than indicating a Battle Star, it’s a banner instead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t grant players an entire Battle Pass tier, but it’s still a fun-ish collectible, right?

To find the banner, players will have to go into the dead center of Tomato Temple and face southeast towards the main pyramid. The banner is at the top of the steps and features the Tomato King’s head with what looks like a navy blue backdrop.

Here’s a map indicating the location players need to look for that should help:

The Week 8 Road Trip Challenge sends players to Tomato Temple.

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Players only need to complete seven full weeks’ worth of Challenges to unlock the Road Trip skin, so the most dedicated Fortnite players probably got it before Week 8 even started. Week 8 just offers another potential week that counts towards the full seven.

Here’s the Legendary Road Trip outfit called “Enforcer” that players can earn:

The 'Fortnite' Season 5 Road Trip Outfit Enforcer looks like a scary ninja.

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It’s unclear how or even if this Enforcer might influence the events leading to the end of the current Fortnite season. Maybe he has something to do with that weird purple cube that appeared on the map last week? We’re bound to find out more in the coming weeks.

Fortnite Season 5 is scheduled to end on or around September 24, 2018.

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