'Fortnite' Leaks: Road Trip Skin, Week 7 and 8 Challenges Found

The Road Trip finally comes to an end. 

Epic Games pushed back the release of the Fortnite: Battle Royale Weekly Challenges a day to Friday of this week. Data miners spent Thursday uncovering the new Road Trip player skin along with Week 7 and 8 Challenges, which now have multi-step tasks.

Data miner FNLeak tweeted the Weekly Challenges for Week 7 and 8 on Thursday. Like most weeks, these tasks include dealing a certain amount of damage, using specific weapons, and other unique challenges such as “Visit different Named Locations in a single match” for Week 7 and “Search between three oversized seats” in Week 8. What’s different with these two sets of challenges, however, is one of the seven to being with “Stage 1.”

In a follow-up tweet, FNLeak showed these new Stage challenges will have players do multiple tasks before earning a Battle Star. In the case of Week 7, the challenges start with “Stage 1: Search a Chest in Pleasant Park.” Once completed, players will then have to search chests in Retail Row, Lucky Landing, Greasy Grove, and then Paradise Palms. That’s five stages and it appears each stage is worth one Battle Star.

Week 8 has a similar multi-step task that stars with “Eliminate an opponent in Greasy Grove,” which means players will then proceed to different areas to eliminate more opponents.

As this is Week 7 in Season 5, this means it’s the last week of the Road Trip Challenges. Once Fortnite: Battle Royale players complete the seven tasks for the week and then find the Road Trip Challenge Battle Star, they will receive the new skin found by data miner Fortnitee_Leaks. How this skin will mesh with the storyline for Season 5 is yet to be seen.

The Week 7 Challenges will go live sometime Friday morning. Once they do, then the Road Trip Challenge will also activate and a loading screen will unlock providing a clue to the whereabouts of the secret Battle Star to complete the special tasks.

Thursday saw a mass amount of new content in the v5.30 update including assets for more season storyline events.

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