A New 'Suspiria' Clip Ushers In a Very Dark Monster That Lurks Beneath

What lurks beneath Tilda Swinton's dance class?

I’m not much of a dancer, but it’s unnerving how bodies move in Suspiria.

A new clip from Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming reboot of Dario Argento’s immortal 1977 classic shows that something horribly wicked lurks beneath a ballet class.

On Tuesday, Amazon Studios released a new clip of Suspiria featuring Tilda Swinton’s Madame Blanc, who leads a class of dancers, among them Susie (Dakota Johnson), in a lesson on improvisation.

“Susie, you will improvise freely at its heart,” Madame Blanc breathlessly tells Dakota Johnson in the clip. “I’m interested what’s in your instincts here.”

Be careful what you wish for, ma’am. Because towards the end of the clip, as Susie’s dancing beings to spook Madame Blanc, something very old and very wretched with long fingernails creeps nearby.

Besides the slow-burn terror of whatever that thing is, what’s most remarkable about Suspiria is its sound design. Even the sound of Swinton kicking away a chair and closing curtains carry a dark, ominous sound to them.

In Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento’s Italian horror, an American ballet dancer travels to Berlin to study at a prestigious school. But a string of disappearances leads Susie to discover something terrible lurking beneath the façade.

This is normal.

YouTube.com/Amazon Studios

The film is notable for being a co-production with Amazon Studios, which will release the film everywhere theatrically on November 2 after the October 26 premiere in New York and Los Angeles.

Below is the full trailer for the film, released in June:

Suspiria will be released in theaters on November 2.

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