'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer Showcases Some Shady Spy Business

The new hero of Star Wars Resistance might look like an inexperienced newbie, but in the upcoming anime-inspired Star Wars show, protagonist Kaz Xiono will engage in some seriously shady spy business on behalf of the Resistance. Cassian Andor and other hardcore Rebel spies would be proud.

The first trailer for Star Wars Resistance was released on Friday, and in it, we finally meet the newbie spy named Kaz that operates shortly before The Force Awakens. Despite being a seemingly innocent Disney animated show aimed at kids, Resistance will feature more than its fair share of shady spy activities. In the trailer, Kaz seemingly reports directly to Poe Dameron, whom fans will immediately recognize from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. We also see Poe’s chirpy droid companion BB-8.

“I’ve got a mission for you,” Poe tells Kaz. “Blend in, find out who’s loyal to the good guys and who isn’t.” Kaz seems totally elated that he’s got a mission, that is, until he sees this happen:

Looks like the Resistance does things just as shady as the Rebellion.


Along with BB-8, Kaz is sent to Colossus, a refueling platform somewhere on an aquatic world in the Outer Rim territories. There, he works undercover as a mechanic on a team led by Jarek Yeager, a longtime friend of Poe’s.

“You can work on my team,” Yeager says in the trailer, “but when it comes to your mission as a spy, I don’t want anything to do with it.” That just goes to show you exactly how shady this mission is and what his new companions think of it. He’s there to investigate and report back on any suspicious activity, so whatever he winds up doing could lead to people being capture, or worse, killed.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.


In Rogue One, we saw how far Cassian Andor was willing to interrogate, torture, and murder to further the cause of the Rebellion. It would appear that the modern-day Resistance is no better. This is really the first time we’ve ever seen somebody in the Resistance do something quite like this. But it only makes sense that the Resistance would use the same tactics — they’ve got mostly the same leadership as before.

All things considered, Resistance does look like it’ll sport a more fun-loving tone than the somewhat dour Rogue One, even if this is the closest we’ll get to achieving the same level of espionage as that Star Wars spin-off.

Star Wars Resistance premieres on Sunday, October 7 at 10 p.m. Eastern on Disney Channel.

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