Rooster Teeth 'gen:LOCK' Trailer: Hear David Tennant's Voice as Doc

David Tennant is once again playing a doctor, but this time, he’s not traveling through time and space in a big blue box. Now, he’s a scientist bringing mechs to a gunfight in the new Rooster Teeth animated series gen:LOCK. A new teaser trailer for the series prominently features Tennant voicing his new character Dr. “Doc” Rufus Weller for the first time.

On Friday, at RTX 2018 in Austin, Rooster Teeth premiered a new teaser for gen:LOCK that shows off Tennant’s character “Doc,” an eccentric scientist who creates the technology that allows mankind to weaponize mechanized suits for an apocalyptic war.

While the teaser doesn’t actually show Doc, Tennant’s unmistakable Scottish accent is heard as he basically breaks down all the major characters of the series, including protagonist Julian Chase (voiced by Michael B. Jordan).

Rooster Teeth also revealed more of the cast of gen:LOCK, most of whom are homegrown Rooster Teeth talent: RWBY stars Lindsay Jones and Miles Luna join the cast as squad leader Razzle and Miguel “Migas” Garza, the best friend of Julian Chase. Camp Camp actor Blaine Gibson plays new recruit Sinclair. Chad James (from DEATH BATTLE) voices a mech pilot named Jodie. Series showrunner Gray G. Haddock plays mech unit leader Leon.

David Tennant's "Doc" in 'gen:LOCK.'

Rooster Teeth

Modeled in the tradition of ‘80s and ‘90s anime like Gundam Wing, Robotech, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK is a story about Earth on the brink of extinction where mankind resorts to an elite group of pilots who control a new generation of machine warfare. The series will be the second anime from Rooster Teeth, which produced its juggernaut hit series RWBY in 2013.

gen:LOCK will be released in 2019 on FIRST.

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