'Anime Crimes Division' Season Two Is Done Filming

"it's coming soon," series star ProZD tells Inverse.

RocketJump, Crunchyroll

Actor and YouTube personality SungWon “ProZD” Cho is perhaps best known for his short skits and voice work, he’s also the star of live-action web series Anime Crimes Division. The show premiered on November 2017 and became and online hit, leading fans to wonder when the second season would be coming.

In a recent interview with Inverse, Cho tells that season two’s release just got a whole lot closer.

Anime Crimes Division season two is done filming,” he says. “There’s not an official date yet but it’s coming soon.”

The quote was part of an hour-long interview where Cho discussed his craft (those skits are harder to make than you think), fame (“My parents eat this shit up”), and the importance of diversity in media.

Anime Crimes Division, a joint production with RocketJump and Crunchyroll, follows the cases of Joe Furuya (played by Cho) and Diesel (Riley Rose Critchlow), detectives at the eponymous Anime Crimes Division, a special police unit investigating anime-related crimes. If you’re wondering what sort of anime-related crimes, the first episode features a trafficker smuggling body pillows and a brewing gang war between subbers and dubbers.

'Anime Crimes Division' garnered praise for its skillful navigation of anime fandom and cop shows.

RocketJump, Crunchyroll

Comicbook confirmed in July that the show was renewed for six more episodes. Cho told Inverse that filming for season two began immediately after he moved to Los Angeles on July 17 and wrapped up in two weeks.

Expect to see more of Furuya and Diesel in the near future. And if you’re curious about how Cho got his start in voice acting and the song he danced to at his wedding (it was “incognito weeby”), we’ll be revealing that and much more soon.

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